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Big Bang Theory T-Shirts & Hoodies

It all started with a big BANG! All of the matter in the known universe was created in a few milliseconds almost fourteen billion years ago. You don't need a PhD in astrophysics to know that. But if you want to understand HOW that happened, you do. And you just might have a co-worker like Sheldon Cooper.  

Our Big Bang Theory shirts include T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for men and for women. Print designs range from the catch phrase "Bazinga!" to the Soft Kitty song to a friendship algorithm. We also have shirt designs actually worn by Sheldon in the TV show, such as his favorite superheroes.  

If you agree that australopithecus would be sick of us, you'll love our Big Bang Theory T-shirts--and you don't even have to sign a roommate agreement!

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Results: 1 - 5 of 5
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The Best Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

“Math, Science, History unravelling the mystery, it all started with the Big Bang.” Perhaps this is the only part of the theme song you can sing along to as the words preceding these are typically uttered in a complete mumble. In the several years this show has been on, we have all tried our best to sing along, but the words are about as easy to understand as theoretical physics. Queue Sheldon Cooper’s formal protest in complete disagreement.

One thing many of us can probably agree on is that Sheldon’s lack of social prowess is what makes the show worth watching. While Sheldon’s social skills are by far the worst, he isn’t the only one that is socially inept. In fact, each of the men face a few social idiosyncrasies of their own, like Raj’s inability to speak to women without alcohol. Over the years, Penny has provided a nice balance to the group, teaching the men many life lessons.

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Penny have arguably contributed to the shift of geek culture. Since 2007, we have joined the gang every week for many laughs and through the years we have managed to escape into a universe where dressing like a nerd is cool – and we could not be more pleased!

The Periodic Table of The Big Bang Theory

According to theory, the Big Bang produced two of the most abundant elements in the universe, hydrogen and helium. As gravity formed more elements were synthesized with time. An element is distinguished by the make-up of its atomic nucleus and is arranged in the periodic table based on that particular atomic configuration. The colors in a periodic table further classify the physical properties of the elements and ironically our Big Bang Theory shirts coincide with that same structure.


Sheldon Lee Cooper is not a man known for his empathy or social skills. In fact, he is better known for his egotistical ways and complete disregard for acceptable social behavior. His narcissistic tendencies and mastermind level IQ brilliantly fuse together to create some of the most priceless and humorous moments. Although his friends say he is one lab accident short of becoming a super villain, we have come to know that he has a heart of gold buried beneath his conceited surface.

While many of Sheldon’s remarks are spoken in all seriousness, he leaves us in stitches every episode. It is hard to capture the true essence of Sheldon Cooper in just a few one liners, but we had to try! Here are just a few of his most memorable remarks.

Get the Look

Outside of the university, the men share an affinity for science fiction, comic books, and gaming. They have very similar interests, but throughout the years each character has sported a unique, albeit nerdy, style. Lucky for us, geek chic is in and we’ve got some of the favorite looks right here!

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon's Man-Bot Shirt

Sheldon typically sports a cool vintage or superhero shirt worn over the top of a long sleeve shirt that most people wouldn’t match together. His sense of style makes him unique which is why so many people want to dress like him. You can match your favorite raglan shirt with this Man-Bot t-shirt to get the look.

Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard's Recycle Shirt

Leonard is best known for his t-shirt and unzipped hoodie combo, often times worn with a thin jacket over the top. One of his more recognized shirts is his green recycle shirt paired with his gray hoodie. Grab this shirt, a hoodie of your choice, and a pair of glasses to get the Hofstadter appearance down pat.


Penny's Pink V-Neck Shirt

Throughout the years we have seen Penny wear an array of apparel. While that Cheesecake Factory uniform is not her best look, her sense of style is classy and simplistic. She wears everything from tanks and fashion shirts to t-shirts and sweatpants. She keeps her wardrobe casual and easy to recreate with this sporty v-neck!

Howard Wolowitz

Howard's T-Shirt

Between Howards flashy belt buckles, his dickies and colored pants, his look can sometimes be difficult to recreate. Luckily, we have an easy way to create his look! No need to hunt down a dickie (do they even make them anymore?) or a belt buckle to look just like Howard, you can get the look with this simple Howard t-shirt!

Raj Koothrappali

Raj's T-Shirt

Raj can also be a difficult look to create, I mean who wears three or more layers of clothes? He usually has a collared shirt with a pattern of choice topped by an argyle sweater vest and a retro looking jacket. Luckily we have this Raj shirt so you can dress just like him without having to shop around!