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Funny T-Shirts & Hoodies

Get lots of laughs and attention when you wear one of our funny shirts. Check out our funny movie shirts or shirt designs with funny sayings on them. No matter what funny shirt you choose, you will definitely have a conversation starter wherever you go!

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Results: 1 - 17 of 17
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The Sense of Humor Spectrum

A sense of humor is a vital part of our human experience. People of all ages and cultures are connected though humor. Laughter releases endorphins, which make us happy and feel good! That type of humor, however, varies from person to person; it's not only an essential part of our emotional wellbeing, but it is also something that helps define our personalities. A sense of humor is so interconnected to one's identity that of course we want to show the world just what we find humorous and, therefore, expose a small part of ourselves.

No matter what side of the spectrum your sense of humor resides, we have a shirt that will be the perfect fit just for you!

Silly Shirts

Silliness is a way of interacting with others. You can be silly to get a response from your audience or friends. Often times, it's an over-exaggerated portrayal of a specific behavior. So, if you think you are Batman and your friend shows up in the same type of Batman costume t-shirt, you can playfully quote the infamous line *(queue husky voice)* "I'm Batman!" back to one another for comedic effect! Obviously, you know perfectly well neither of you are actually Batman, but that just solidifies the silliness of the exchange.

Slapstick Shirts

Slapstick humor is a physical form of silliness. The greats like Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges cemented slapstick as a classic American form of humor. Modern examples of this comedy are nostalgic films like National Lampoon's Vacation and Monty Python and the Holy Grail and, more recently, releases like Dumb and Dumber and Jackass. Grab your favorite funny movie tee with the matching film, and feel free to battle with your fellow slapstick fan over the remote! Why I oughta...

Light-Hearted Shirts

Light-hearted humor is a warm, welcoming, and friendly. This is a very common form of humor that many people find funny. It is also the most frequently used form of humor in sitcoms! So, wear your favorite TV show tee - like these Simpsons t-shirts! - and kick back to enjoy a chuckle at Homer's expense!

Peculiar Shirts

A peculiar sense of humor is one where some people may not understand why you think something is just so funny! If it's a little odd or unusual, you love it. Having this sense of humor makes your edgy personality standout. So, the next time you are invited to a holiday party - formal or not, Christmas or 4th of July - go ahead and don that awesome Ugly Christmas Sweater. Oh, and don't forget the fruitcake, ya fruitcake!

Clever Shirts

To be clever is to think quickly, and if you have a clever sense of humor, you most likely pride yourself on finding the humorous aspects of situations before anyone else does. Show just how ingenious and clever you are with a shirt that you created yourself! Design a shirt that will have your friends rolling on the floor with our custom t-shirt creator.

Witty Shirts

To be witty is to take that clever sense of humor and add a dash of verbal flare. Do you feel like you craft humorous statements and know just how to say something to get the room to erupt with giggles? Then funny quote tees are a great way to show the world your love for a good use of the English language!

Situational Shirts

Have you ever waited in line for a midnight premiere of a movie? Have you ever found yourself at a sci-fi convention, desperately wanting to fit in? That's where the situational funny t-shirt comes in to play! Now, while you're waiting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to come out in theaters, you can proudly tell the whole world that you're ready for it as you walk out the door with your Stormtrooper costume hoodie and Chewbacca t-shirt dress.

Ironic Shirts

If you understand the real definition of “ironic,” then you may be the perfect person to pull off one of these shirts! A clever play on words is one thing, but adding in the irony takes it to a whole new level. Yeah, you want to tell the world you love coffee via t-shirt? Go for it, but take the next step with that latte pun. Trust us, it's funny.

Sarcastic Shirts

Sarcasm combines the talents of a witty and peculiar sense of humor to form a beautiful new version. Sarcastic people often consider themselves cool, being able to come up with funny quips and puns off the top of their heads. If you're often told that you have a dry sense of humor, these deadpan ironic t-shirts would fit very nicely in your closet.

Offensive Shirts

A little self-explanatory, offensive humor will at times make others uncomfortable. But, people that get a kick out of pushing other's buttons are the perfect audience for shirts that may be considered rude. What is obscene to one person might be what is just hilarious to the next. So, if you choose to wear an offensive shirt, just remember that, someday, someone else may be wearing a t-shirt that offends you!

Offensive Example

Where do you fall on the spectrum? There are funny t-shirts for all types of people, including you!