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Polo Shirts

The type of shirt we now call a "polo" shirt wasn't actually developed for polo at all. But polo players quickly adopted it after its introduction in 1929 by French Grand Slam tennis player René Lacoste. "The Crododile" wanted a comfortable, practical and durable shirt that didn't look as sloppy as a t-shirt could. 

Since then polo shirts have become a basic building block of guy's wardrobes everywhere. Why? We'd like to highlight a little thing called versatility. With the signature collar, it's dressy enough to wear when you need to look good, but still casual enough to fit in for even the most informal of occassions. You can wear it tucked in or untucked, and with jeans, khakis or slacks! Wear it over a long sleeved shirt for colder weather, or under a sport coat for an added touch of class.

Our polo shirts feature pop-culture icons from Star Wars to Star Trek and from A Game of Thrones to the comic book pages of DC and Marvel. How cool is it that you can discreetly show your allegiance to the Empire, House Targaryen or House Stark? Imagine asking your boss for a raise while wearing an Imperial Stormtrooper logo under your jacket. You're sure to succeed!

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Results: 1 - 6 of 6