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Skeleton Zip Up Hoodie

Skeleton Zip Up Hoodie
Men's Shirt
Product # CH02073V
This Full zip up Skeleton hoodie is made of 100% polyester knit with a soft fleecy interior. The printing on the front makes it look just like a skeleton! Just zip it up and let people wonder, 'who is that creepy skeleton face man?' We don't know if you'll give out some scares, but you'll look wicked cool either way. (Softness Rating = 10/10)
Customer Reviews

Very Disappointed

     By Current Customer - September 11, 2016

Bought this as a gift for my husband. We picked it together.

No pockets- we should have noticed that. The arm bones on the hoodie are way out of proportion to the rib cage/spine, speaking of which in the advertised photo the rib cage is joined together when zipped- not so in the one we received; there is an inch wide gap. Paired with the exaggerated/huge arm bones it makes the hoodie appear weird- definitely not like the advertised image. Lasty, one of the photos of the hoodie I purchased for my man makes it appear that you can wear this hoodie as a regular hoodie. Not so. The hoodie part of the jacket is sewn in such a way that one could not wear this jacket with the hood partially up over the top of the head alone and not the face as well, like you would a "normal" hoodie, without having a huge strange lump on the head. As the site only offers exchanges and there is nothing else my husband wants from this site- he specifically wanted a skeletal hoodie, I'll not be purchasing from this vendor again. What we got is NOT what was pictured. One might do well to call and inquire about something they have in mind before actually purchasing it.

This hoodie is NOT what you see in the photos.

I ask you- does my husband look happy with this hoodie to you?

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