He-Man T-Shirts

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Mattel's He-Man started with a single action figure mold in 1980. And it didn't take long after that for the franchise to take the 80s by storm! If you imagine yourself as a Master of the Universe, you're going to want to start with a He-Man t-shirt. And if you have a different inclination, we've got you covered too! For the evil warlord type, a Skeletor shirt is the perfect way to show off that you're intent on taking over Eternia. For the ladies, you can show off your feminine prowess in a She-ra shirt. And for those of us with a light hearted nature, a funny Orko t-shirt will show that you have some retro humor. (Greg in accounting wears his every Friday!)

With tees, polos and costume shirts we have the style that will suit you. We do have one piece of advice though: while pairing a shirt with a loincloth will make you look like the real deal, one of these shirts looks waaay better with a pair of jeans. Arm yourself with the look and feel of a legendary hero, and remember: "By the power of Grayskull..."