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Everyone has a favorite band, whether it's Muse, The Ramones, The Beatles or Nirvana! Selena Gomez and the Scene might even be your favorite band! We don't judge. We get down on S.G. and Bieber just as much as The Dead Kennedys.

That's why we have band shirts from all the hot bands, from pop to punk. From hip hop to classic rock, we've got tons of selections to choose from. Deadmau5? You'd better believe we're shaking it out while wearing one of his t-shirts. KISS? Sign us up for the concert! We'll be the ones wearing the coolest shirt. Grab one of our t-shirts and you can be right up there with us.

Band T-Shirts & Hoodies

Looking for a way to update your band shirts wardrobe? There are so many styles, sizes and artists to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’ve decided to go above and beyond to provide you with a buying guide to help get your started on the path of awesome t-shirt ownership.

Music Legends Shirts

The Beatles Shirt

The Beatles are the very definition of music legends and Beatles shirts are a must have for anyone who claims to love rock and roll. Their work has inspired many artists since the release of their groundbreaking albums and continues to attract new fans decades later.

Michael Jackson Shirt

Michael Jackson is another artist who made albums that will forever exist in the category of legendary. He not only revolutionized the music scene with his unique sound, he also was on the cutting edge with his music videos and dance moves. Wearing a Michael Jackson shirt can only inspire more greatness.

Johnny Cash Shirt

We’ve all seen pictures of Johnny Cash holding up his middle finger. (We even sell t-shirts with this image!) The great thing about Johnny though is that most of his songs didn’t require him to make such a blatant gesture because his lyrics essentially accomplished the same thing. It you’re considering a Johnny Cash shirt you can help yourself to the one here, or if you like a look that’s a bit more controversial we’ve got a few styles that will work for that as well.

Elvis Presley Shirt

When it comes to legends, no collection is complete without Elvis. He caused controversy with his gyrating hips and made history with his music and original style. An Elvis t-shirt definitely will have a place in any legit band t-shirts collection.

Jimi Hendrix Shirt

Described as “as absolute ace on the guitar” by none other than Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix will always be remembered as the guy who made The Star Spangled Banner cool. And that kind of star power to your wardrobe with a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt.

Bob Marley Shirt

The Jamaican reggae musician known as Bob Marley told us that everything was going to be alright. And when you’re wearing a Bob Marley shirt you’ll believe it. Comfort and style come together to create a must have item.

Today's Artists Shirts

Nicki Minaj Shirt

A Nicki Minaj t-shirt is a bold choice, but if you’re a fan of her music they you probably gravitate toward bold styles anyways. She has established herself as a force to be reckoned with and you’ll have that kind of attitude on display anytime you wear one of her shirts.

Maroon 5 Shirt

Maroon 5 puts out hit after catchy hit, their songs are the kind that lingers in our heads for hours after we hear them. This Maroon 5 t-shirt is a great way to signal that you’re a fan and to add a current artist to your band t-shirt assortment.

One Direction Shirt

Pop quiz: Who is your daughter’s favorite member of One Direction? If you don’t know then you better play it safe and pick up a shirt that features them all. If she is one of the millions of girls who can’t get enough of these guys, then we predict that receiving a One Direction t-shirt from you as a gift should launch you into BFF status easily.

Big Time Rush Shirt

OMG it’s Big Time Rush! If she loved watching these guys on Nickelodeon, then grab a licensed Big Time Rush t-shirt for her collection. The only thing harder than deciding whether Big Time Rush or One Direction are the best boy band on the planet is picking out which one of their t-shirts to own!

Rap Shirts

Wu-Tang Clan Shirt

Let’s start our rap t-shirt collection with an essential WU-TANG shirt. A hugely influential hip hop group that formed in the 1990s, many people consider these guys the best rap group ever.

Eminem Shirt

Will the guy in the real Slim Shady t-shirt please stand up? It’s safe to say that including an Eminem shirt in your band shirts line up is a good move. This one is definitely going to be either loved or hated by others, kind of like the rapper himself.

Notorious B.I.G. Shirt

If you’re a rap fan, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a Notorious B.I.G. shirt. This classic look features the cover art from his Ready to Die album and will quickly become your go to look for chillin’ big poppa style.

Lil Wayne Shirt

If his music is good enough to reside on the iPod of the President of the United States of America, then his image is good enough to grace the front of your shirt. Add this Lil Wayne t-shirt to your must have list.

Vintage Band Shirt Style Guide

Now that you are up to speed on the essential band t-shirt must haves, take a minute to consider how they might fit in with your style. What look do you aspire to? Are your clothing tastes more grunge or hipster? Maybe you’d like to feel out a new punk rock style? Browse our style section to see how to mix our great shirts with pieces from your wardrobe.

Edgy/Grunge Shirts

Aerosmith Shirt

Add your favorite flannel over a classic rock look like this Aerosmith shirt for an effortless way to upgrade your usual t-shirt and jeans look. Congrats, you just went from wearing clothes to wearing an outfit.

Guns N Roses Shirt

This Guns N Roses tank looks hot with a short distressed denim skirt and a long-sleeved flannel tied around the waist. Add a pair of aviator shades for extra attitude.

Hipster Shirts

The Who Shirt

Make your vintage tee look more sophisticated with layers. Over this The Who shirt we layered a chambray top along with a hoodie. A gray scarf and a pair of black frame glasses completes the overall effect.

Pink Floyd Shirt

Wearing a band t-shirt doesn’t automatically mean that you need to dress down. We paired this Pink Floyd shirt with a black pencil skirt and a striped, cropped jacket to show you how you could bring this look to the office.

Punk Shirts

The Ramones Shirt

Layering a long sleeve Henley shirt under a Ramones tee creates not only a different look, but one that can work in other seasons too. An easy upgrade for anyone looking to mix up their usual t-shirt and jeans combo.

The Rolling Stones Shirt

We added a pair of black leggings, a black motorcycle jacket, and a cool studded belt to this Rolling Stones shirt to show how easy it is to make your favorite band shirt a part of a chic, stylish outfit.

Band T-Shirts Softness Meter

Still can’t quite decide which shirt is right for you? If comfort is your number one consideration then you are in the right place. All of the shirts that we’ve featured here in our buying and style guide have been conveniently ranked so that you can see which shirts are the softest. And yeah, our meter goes to 11.

So Soft Shirts

Comfy Shirts

So-So Shirts