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I Wear Your Shirt Winner Announced!

by |August 1, 2011

Congratulations to commenter Cindy Brown. Her t-shirt idea, "I'm too blessed to be stressed," will soon be for sale on We're currently whipping up a special design and will post the link when the shirt is ready. Thanks to the I Wear Your Shirt team and all of the contest participants for such great ideas!

Cindy, send us an email so we can send you your free t-shirts!

They've saved the world, now what?

by |June 4, 2011
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Superheroes protect the public by fighting crime... but what happens when they win? With crime eradicated, how would they spend their time? Inspired by photographer Gregg Segal’s series “Super Heroes at Home” here’s our take on post-spandex career options.


Captain America

Before Steve Rogers was Captain America, he was a scrawny fine arts student. With the bad guys off the streets, he could use his illustration abilities and battle experiences to craft powerful...

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The $10,000 T-Shirt

by |May 13, 2011
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Rare concert t-shirts have always been fought for, but not for this much. A Led Zeppelin t-shirt recently sold on eBay on for $10,000. The precious tee was produced in 1979 and served as an unconventional backstage pass for a Zeppelin show at the Knebworth House.

Kyle Ermatinger, who sold the shirt on eBay, told reporters on Wednesday, "Given this shirt may be one of the only ones in existence, the price tag is completely justifiable. It's a rock relic, beyond rare. Admittedly, I still...

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First Impressions and Wardrobe Choices

by |May 2, 2011
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There are some days when I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t work at Today is one of those days. I just got invited to a local band’s show tonight, and I need an outfit ASAP.

Why can’t I just wear my work clothes? Well, this morning I picked the flowery shirt of out my closet, the one that I bought because it reminded me of a quilt my great-grandmother made in the 1950s. Then I added a preppy cardigan, pearl earrings, and a headband that would make even...

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A Modern History of T-Shirt Trends

by |April 19, 2011
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When Neatorama posted a Mental Floss history of the t-shirt last month, we were inspired to do some research of our own. What follows is a rough timeline of modern t-shirt trends and the pop culture icons that inspired them.

Early 1990s

Teen Fashion

It was the Kellys of television that set fashion trends for teen girls in the 1990s: Kelly Kapowski of Saved by the Bell, Kelly Taylor of 90210, and Kelly Bundy of Married with Children. Even ...

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A Heavyhearted Goodbye

by |April 14, 2011
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My dearest,

We’ve been through so much together these past seven years. Remember the day we met at the back of the thrift store? You were hiding behind that rack of Hawaiian shirts; I wouldn’t have even noticed you if I hadn’t been digging for something to wear to the Spring Fling. As I was debating which floral pattern best suited my needs, I looked up and saw you.  I was 15.

Our relationship began slowly; we’d get together just a few days a month. I remember you...

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