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Leigh WendingerLeigh is's Lead Inbound Marketing Specialist. She is also the proud owner of well over 200 t-shirts and 50 hoodies. Are they organized in her closet first by color family, and then by specific shade? Of course they are! Maybe it's a little geeky, maybe it's a little obsessive compulsive, but it certainly is organized. And you know what else? If unicorns are real, Leigh is confident that they will visit HER colorful closet first. So there.

How to Throw an NFL Draft Party

by |April 24, 2015
Categories: General, Sports
How to Throw An NFL Draft Party


Sure, the NFL draft doesn’t quite draw the viewership that the Super Bowl does, but it is a great time for a party just the same. While a three day extravaganza may be out of the question, you can still have your own NFL draft party to watch the first round picks with some of your football fanatic friends. Here’s are some tips on how to throw a party for the 2015 NFL draft.


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Super Bowl Trivia: The League's Best Teams

by |February 3, 2015
Categories: Sports

Super Bowl Facts


The 2014 football season has officially come to a close, leaving New England victorious over the Seahawks in the closest Super Bowl game in years. As the limelight of XLIX begins to fade, football lovers are already thinking ahead to next year’s match-up, and experts already predict that we may see the Pats and Hawks face off once again! Over the past 49 years of Super Bowl history, we have seen a few teams more than others, but one more Patriots appearance would help Brady and his team tie or even shatter a few of the all-time records. What other teams have a solid chance of making a Super Bowl appearance? We've compiled some...

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How To Throw a Super Bowl Party

by |January 28, 2015
Categories: General, Sports
Super Bowl Party How To

It’s that time of year again where over 100 million viewers tune in to watch the infamous commercials Super Bowl. On Sunday, many of us will watch the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks go head-to-head to take home yet another Super Bowl ring. Will the Seahawks claim victory for the second year in a row or will the Patriots get to take home their fourth NFL championship title? 


While some of you are die-hard football fans, others are busy saying “pass the...

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The Ultimate Guide to Sheldon Cooper's T-Shirt Collection

by |September 2, 2014
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Those of us that have spent countless hours watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory know that Sheldon Cooper is in fact a little different than most. With an IQ of 187, Sheldon has the ability to understand just about every concept known to man … with the exception of romantic relationships and sarcasm, among other social subtleties. Over the years, Sheldon has made feeble attempts to be more humorous, but is often the only one laughing at his jokes as he follows up with his infamous tagline – BAZINGA! Even though his comedic prowess (and interpersonal skills for that matter) has faltered, one thing we do know is that his obsession and taste in geeky tees has never wavered.


Sheldon from Big Bang Theory T-Shirts


During the past seven years, we have watched Sheldon sport quite an array of nerdy...

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