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6 Worst Alien Designs in the Star Wars Universe

by |June 22, 2015
Categories: Comedy, Movies, Resource
Star Wars Aliens Header


The Star Wars universe is known being as being a world of wonder and excitement. Part of the fun of any new Star Wars film is the sense of the complete unknown. In this galaxy far, far away, anything can happen, and any alien design can be created—but that doesn’t mean they should be. Here is a list of 6 of the most unimaginative alien designs that have appeared in the Star Wars universe, in our humble opinion.


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Mundane Arcade: 6 Daily Life Activities as Video Games

by |June 15, 2015
Categories: Comedy, Video Games


Do you ever try to spice up boring or mundane tasks by kicking your brain into video game mode? Like what if Autocorrect became your actual nemesis? Or what if your drive to work became the worst racing game ever? Don’t worry, that’s totally normal. (Maybe? Don’t ask us, we're not psychologists.) Anyway the same thing happens to us, so we took it a step further and made some fun posters for arcade cabinets of day-to-day tasks. Enjoy these fake video games while you’re doing your other, actually real, everyday things!


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10 Things Mario and Star Wars Have in Common

by |May 4, 2015
Categories: Comedy, Movies
10 Things Star Wars and Mario Have in Common


Mario's adventures always take place on the other end of a set of tubes, while the Star Wars galaxy takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Take a closer look, though, and you might find that the two realities have more in common than you might have originally thought! In the spirit of Star Wars Day, here are 10 things that are alike in both famous franchises.


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Pi Day Quiz: Guess These 10 Notoriously Airheaded Celebrities Morphed Into Einstein

by |March 10, 2015
Categories: Comedy, Holiday
10 Notoriously Airheaded Celebrities Morphed Into Einstein

It’s not rock rocket science. With March 14 not only marking Pi Day – 3.14159265359…erhm, ok we lost count – but also Albert Einstein’s Birthday, it calculates soundly (with no remainders, of course) to bask in some of the Father of Relativity’s finest quotes. But when cast in the shadow of some less-than-genius celebrity quotes, you'll quickly find yourself shaking your head2...

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Super Bowl Hall of Shame: The Worst Luck and Biggest Upsets in the NFL [Infographic]

by |January 19, 2015
Categories: Comedy, Infographics, Sports

Tough Luck Super Bowl Header


When it comes to football, some teams have all the luck…and some teams have none of the luck. With Super Bowl XLIX (that’s fancy Latin talk for 49) happening on February 1st, we decided to take the road less traveled and shine the spotlight on the NFL teams that experienced seriously big playoff defeats. So before you break out the nachos and hot wings, brush up on your historical NFL team #epicfails and be THAT guy with all the cool/irritating football fail facts at your...

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Droid Dance Party: The Best Star Wars Party Shirts

by |January 8, 2015
Categories: Comedy, General, Movies
Droid Dance Party Best Star Wars Shirts


What would you wear to a droid dance party? Star Wars Episode 7 will premiere in December 2015, so we have an entire year to plan. Even if the possibility of successfully getting invited to a droid dance party is approximately 3,720 to 1, let's suspend our disbelief for a moment and pick a party wardrobe! Take a fashion tip from C-3PO, R2-D2, and all the Star Wars droids, and let's get this dance party in gear!


    R2-D2, the Original Robot Rebel


    R2-D2 is always ready...

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