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6 DisneyBound Outfit Ideas

by |May 26, 2015
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DisneyBound Outfit Ideas


One of our favorite current fashion trends is DisneyBounding! To DisneyBound is to dress up in an outfit inspired by your favorite cartoon – not quite a costume, not quite cosplay, a little more stylish than just a Disney t-shirt, but something you could wear every day that represents a Disney character. We love this idea so much that we came up with six different outfits – three sets of cute couples! – to help inspire you to create your own DisneyBound look.


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Boba Fett: The Most Interesting Bounty Hunter [Memes]

by |May 1, 2015
Categories: General, Movies

Boba Fett: The Most Interesting Bounty Hunter Meme


There was a time when Boba Fett was a mystery to us all. We knew that he was a bounty hunter that didn’t say much and had a reputation for disintegrating people, and that was about it. Despite a mere 20 minutes of on-screen time throughout the entire original Star Wars trilogy, though, he remains one of the Star Wars Universe's most iconic characters. (We’re not including screen time in the Star Wars Holiday Special, because we have standards.) We'll wager that if you've read this far and are looking for Boba Fett and Slave Leia memes, you probably know all this, so let's get to it. Here are some memes we found in the cargo...

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How to Throw an NFL Draft Party

by |April 24, 2015
Categories: General, Sports
How to Throw An NFL Draft Party


Sure, the NFL draft doesn’t quite draw the viewership that the Super Bowl does, but it is a great time for a party just the same. While a three day extravaganza may be out of the question, you can still have your own NFL draft party to watch the first round picks with some of your football fanatic friends. Here’s are some tips on how to throw a party for the 2015 NFL draft.


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Game of Thrones: A Chart of Height and Stature [Infographic]

by |April 20, 2015

Game of Thrones Height Chart Infographic


According to IMDb, there have been well over 400 actors cast in the Game of Thrones series. That's a lot. (How many were killed on screen, well... that's probably another large number.) That said, we've obviously never seen everyone all together. The main characters are scattered throughout the seven kingdoms and storylines don't cross all too often. So, we wanted to see how each character compared to the next. Liiiike, who is the tallest Lannister? (Tywin.) How big are the giants, really? (Big.) And is the Mountain really that super-sized? (Yes.) Be sure to click the image to see this chart in its full glory! And don't worry, if you're caught up through season four, this infographic is spoiler-free!



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11 Minimalist Simpsons Posters

by |April 8, 2015
Categories: General, Television

Minimalist Simpsons Posters


Like every TV-obsessed child who grew up in front of the small screen during the 90s, we think about Simpsons on the daily. Our favorite quotes, the best characters, the craziest things Homer has eaten, the entirety of the Kamp Krusty episode - all things Springfield are always on our mind. So, to satiate this yellow-hued infatuation, we've created 11 realistic minimalist Simpsons posters for you to display on your walls, your computer desktop, and your phone lock screen. Try to guess which character each poster is depicting!...

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6 Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Designs For When You Can’t Even [Printables]

by |April 3, 2015
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Candy Heart Bachelorette Party T-Shirts


Alright, Maids of Honor, we’re talking to you here. You told your best friend that YES, you’ll be the maid of honor at her wedding next summer. But, like, what does that entail? Keeping her train straight during the ceremony, getting to stand (almost) front-and-center near the couple in group photos, and … OMG. Planning the bachelorette party! The best part! Pick a theme, pick a location, pick a bunch of embarrassing games, and pick a set of matching custom t-shirts for the group. These bad boys are perfect to keep everyone together during a crazy night. (A night that will hopefully lead to something really hot and steamy ... PIZZA.)


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