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11 Ways It Pays To Be Irish

by |March 10, 2014
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Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday celebrated on March 17th with festivities, parades, and (of course) lots and lots of beer.  St. Pat’s is an annual event that everyone can enjoy, but is there a benefit to having a little Irish in ya? looks at 11 ways it pays to be Irish:


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Unless you can do it, In which case you are the person we are jealous of....

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Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson Venn Diagram

by |December 11, 2013
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Ron Burgundy Ron Swanson Mashup

For Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy and Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson, legendary manliness fits a blueprint. Look at their shared interests: shared secret passions for jazz woodwinds, refined taste for finer woods (rich mahogany, of course), an appetite for aged spirits and an affinity for beloved beasts. While both find old wooden ships beautiful, Burgundy probably stands alone in thinking “Diversity” was the name of an old, old ship used in the Civil War. 


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Back To The Future Quiz: Marty McFly Guitar Moves

by |November 14, 2013
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In 1955, Marty McFly left a crowd of unsuspecting teenagers speechless by displaying his particular brand of rock and roll moves. Those kids weren’t quite ready for the epic jam session in the climactic scene of Back to the Future, because they were literally ahead of the times! But did you know that Marty didn’t invent any of those classic guitar moves himself? He actually borrowed them from several iconic guitarists. Quiz time: Can you guess which guitar star he borrowed...

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Art: Our Favorite Monster

by |June 21, 2013
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Art, student of the world, free spirit, and devoted Oozma Kappa member. Scary? Maybe. Sweet? Most definitely. It’s easy to see why this laid back dude (… I mean monster) is easy at making friends and quickly becoming everyone’s favorite monster on campus. So what are the basic things you need to know about him?

1. He’s a student of the world, not so much the classroom

2. Oozma Kappa!!!!

3. Late on student...

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Q&A with T-Shirt Artist Terry Fan

by |April 19, 2013
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Canadian resident and t-shirt artist Terry Fan has 16 designs featured on for men and women. Some of his top-selling designs include “A Beautiful Death” and “The Ice Age Sucked.” He’s been drawing since he was a kid and continues to do so today- as you can see from his beautiful designs. Terry was able to answer some questions for us about his work, how he gets his inspiration and what he loves about his art. Check out our interview to learn more about...

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What Your St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Says About You

by |March 8, 2013
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Have you ever heard the Irish saying, ‘In Heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here’? This carpe diem-esque phrase entices the masses. Living in the moment is exhilarating and the Irish do it well. Who wouldn’t want to throw up their arms, interlock them with a burly, freckled, red-headed stranger and chant the old football tune, “The Irish Rover” while foamy beer trickles down your jaw? The Irish are happy-go-lucky, free-spirited, and like to have...

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