Holiday Gift Guide 2011

by |December 19, 2011
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This holiday season, give them the gift they’ve always wanted. With a variety of t-shirts for men, women, and children, is bound to have something for everyone in your life. Whether he’s a Packers or Metallica fan, or she’s into Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga, or your child wants to display his own super powers as Captain America or Batman, we have the t-shirt for you and your loved ones! Here is our 2011 holiday gift guide for your favorite person (or people) in your life.


Gift Ideas for Him


Sports Fan

The Packers have dominated the NFL all season and now is the perfect time to get your man a t-shirt representing the cheesehead state! We carry a selection of NFL and NBA t-shirts including teams from the Saints to the Lakers. If he isn’t into the basketball or football trend, we also have t-shirts featuring WWE wrestler John Cena, boxer Muhammad Ali, and the Undertaker.


Sports T-Shirts

Green Bay Packers | Dallas Mavericks | Muhammad Ali | WWE John Cena


Other fantastic sports gift ideas include: a licensed team jersey or sweatshirt, tickets to his favorite sports event, a new set of golf clubs, running sportswear, or a biography on his favorite athlete. 


Superhero Geek

With the plethora of superhero movies that came out in 2011 (Thor, Captain America, X-Men: First Class, to name a few) and more to come in 2012 (Batman: Dark Knight Rises and the star-studded Avengers), the superhero theme is in… big time. Whether he’s an X-Men fan or super soldier, or wants to throw down the hammer like Thor, we have the superhero t-shirt for the man in your life. Our collection features a wide variety of shirts based on the Marvel and DC comic book universe.


Superhero T-Shirts

Batman | Captain America | Green Lantern | Wolverine


When t-shirts aren’t enough for your superhero geek, there’s always the option of getting him his favorite movies on DVD or Blu-Ray, collectible comic book action figures, or video games such as Batman: Arkham City!


The Wise Guy

Bring the funnyman back to life in 2012, when you give him one our funny men’s t-shirts.  Whether it’s a drinking t-shirt, sarcastic comment, or a hilarious movie tee, we have a variety of entertaining shirts to ring in the New Year with.


Funny T-Shirts

Sheldon Cooper | Captain Morgan | One Man Wolfpack | Chuck Norris


If you run out of gift ideas, don’t forget about the classic Saturday Night Live DVD sets or the Hangover as a possible gift. Other ideas include: Loaded Questions: the Adult Version board game, a gift card to Spencer Gifts, or his favorite comedy movie or TV show.



Gift Ideas for Her


Fashion & Pop Culture Fanatic

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” Bring Marilyn Monroe back to life with our Marilyn Monroe vintage t-shirts for women. Our collection of pop culture and novelty t-shirts features a variety of fashionable vintage and retro tops for women. Whether it’s Lady Gaga, an 80s rock band, or a smoldering James Dean t-shirt, our vintage and retro tops are a must have for your ladies wardrobe.


Women's T-Shirts

Marilyn Monroe | James Dean | Nirvana | Lady Gaga


While your lady may appreciate having a new t-shirt or two to add to her wardrobe, don’t forget about other gifts such as: a Marilyn Monroe or Kardashian biography, Lady Gaga’s most recent album, or even the traditional, like jewelry and perfume, or a super sexy Victoria’s Secret gift card.



Gift Ideas for Kids


Kid Brother

For those who have a younger brother, give him the gift of a superhero or TV t-shirt. Our selection of boys t-shirts features various styles of entertaining t-shirts that’ll make any kid go wild.  Whether it’s Iron Man, Batman, or the Avengers, Cookie Monster or Elmo, or a silly saying, we have the t-shirt for your favorite little man.


Shirts for Little Boys

Iron Man | I Still Live With My Parents | Cookie Monster | Angry Birds


Little Sis

Your younger sister will have the Bieber fever when you give her one of our Justin Bieber t-shirts. If your sis isn’t a big fan of the Biebs, we also carry a variety of entertaining movie and music t-shirts for her.


Little Girls T-Shirts

Justin Bieber | Elmo | Big Sister | Wonder Woman


Some other fun basic gift ideas for boys include action figures such as Star Wars, Legos, or toys. For girls, a cute new outfit, posters of her favorite singer or band, or a doll are all great gift ideas!