Pearl Jam T-Shirts by Ames Bros.

by |May 28, 2012
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Seattle based Ames Bros. have just released a new line of t-shirts for local grunge icons Pearl Jam. Never heard of Ames Bros.? I hadn’t either which is not altogether surprising since designers never seem to the name recognition they deserve. Regardless of whether or not you have heard of them, most Americans are very much aware of their art. Their work has been viewed by tens, if not hundreds of millions.

The story of the Ames Bros. studio began in 1994 when founders Colby Schultz and Barry Amet opened their doors. It wasn’t long before their work captured the attention of the public as well as the band Pearl Jam who commission them for posters. The hardworking pair quickly built up an impressive client list. 

Musicians and bands wanted them to design posters and album covers. Promoters wanted them to help promote big shows. The duo’s work as promoted everyone from John Mayer to Muse. Trey Anastasio and Phish have both tapped Ames Bros. for their signature silkscreen look. Their influence can be seen on just about any telephone pole in any hip neighborhood where concert posters are tacked up.

As their success continued to grow and compound, larger players started looking to them for designs and branding. Honda tasked the pair with promoting their boxy Element to the younger set. Harley-Davidson wanted them to help connect Harley with new and younger buyers. Richard Branson of Virgin mobile put them in charge of coming up with a look that would define the company. Sports titan Nike commissioned Ames Bros. for a very cool retro-future look to promote their new kicks.

Ames Bros. has also infiltrated the world of snow sports. Their designs have graced the boards of a few different brands including K2’s “Darkstar” series, Ride’s “Fuse” and “Tempest” lines and have been seen on boards from Morrow as well. 

Some of the biggest stars in movies and television have worn their t-shirts. Leo DeCaprio has been spotted wearing them on dates. Musicians have been seen wearing them on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with David Letterman. Actors have been spotting sporting their designs on TV shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Lost, and The Big Bang Theory. From hipsters on the street to the Hollywood elite, everyone wants a piece of Ames Bros.

It’s only fitting that Ames Bros. and Pearl Jam should be working together. Both have done stellar work in their respective fields and helped define a generation. Both have reached a pinnacle attained by relatively few and they have stayed true to themselves and their art since the beginning. Ames Bros. helped Pearl Jam put truly memorable and iconic artistic face to their music that has garnered praise from fans and critics alike. 

Ames Bros. new selection of Pearl Jam shirts highlight some of their favorite of the band’s concert posters.

Didn’t make it to their Pittsburgh show? At least you can pretend you were there with this shirt.


Pittsburgh Pearl Jam Tee

(Pearl Jam Pittsburgh T-Shirt)


The San Deigo will appeal to the muscle car crowd.


San Diego Pearl Jam tee

(Pearl Jam San Diego Tee)


Or you are more of the beach bum persuasion you can rock the Hawaii tee.


Hawaii Pearl Jam Tee

(Pearl Jam Hawaii T-Shirt)


For the Patriotic Pearl Jam fan, rock the Washington DC tee.


Washington DC Pearl Jam tee

(Pearl Jam Washington DC T-Shirt)


Personally, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the four. Much like the band they support, they are timeless.   

John Imsdahl is a staff writer for and can be seen wearing one of these four Ames Bros. tees seven days of the week.