How To Choose Your Vintage Tee

by |July 18, 2012
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Vintage looks are making their way back into the fashion scene. Celebs like Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame frequently rock vintage tees. Fashion mags are taking notice, even giving us step-by-step guides to pulling it off. But how do you know which look is for you? Here are T-shirt ideas to get you started:


Rock Band

Can’t live without ear buds and concert tickets? Display your love for your favorite musicians with a tee that features an iconic album cover or logo. Sometimes you can even find reprints of classic concert shirts.  If you aren’t sure which band to go with, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen are always great choices. 


Vintage Band Tees

 (Men's Beatles T-Shirt / Women's Vintage Rolling Stone T-Shirt)


Vintage Movie

Are you the girl that’s always winning trivia nights? Find a t-shirt that shows off your pop culture knowledge. A shirt with a quote or scene from a retro movie works well for this. Back to the Future and Star Wars are popular choices. Want something more obscure? Try to find shirts that reference your favorite film without mentioning its title.


Vintage Movie Tees Collage

 (Men's Jaws T-Shirt / Women's Vintage E.T. T-Shirt)


Classic TV

Always sleepy because you couldn’t resist last night’s TV Land marathon? Pay homage to your favorite old TV shows and recall all the ways they influenced the world with a TV-shirt.  


Vintage TV Collage

(Men's Cheers T-Shirt / Women's Totally 80s Smurfette T-Shirt)


Comic Book

Did you dress up for the midnight showing of The Green Lantern? It’s easy to channel the powers of your favorite character by grabbing a t-shirt with a superhero logo. 


Vintage Comic Book Tees Collage

(Men's Vintage Superman T-Shirt / Women's Retro Batman T-Shirt)


Video Game

Still have that Super Nintendo stashed in your closet?  Show off your inner-nerd by displaying a Nintendo controller or the super-fast Sonic the Hedgehog on your tee.   


Vintage Video Game Tees Collage

(Men's Atari T-Shirt / Women's Zelda T-Shirt)


Don’t forget that today’s modern is tomorrow’s retro. So, hold on to that Justin Bieber tee! It just might be the perfect addition to your vintage look 20 years from now.


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