New Product Line Arrived Today at Artist Designed Shirts

by |July 30, 2012
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The staff at is excited to announce the launch of a new product line today! We've expanded our shirt line to include original artist submitted designs from artists around the world. These unique designs include everything from earthy and sci-fi to street art and social commentary, and were finely crafted by skilled digital and analog artists. These artist created t-shirts can be found exclusively for sale at


Artist Designed T-Shirts

Out Arrrmed | Horn and Feather Friends | Touche | Sugar Skull


Some of the participating artists include:

  • Chris Phillips - North Carolina, USA

  • Joe Carr - Alaska, USA

  • Nicola Wallace - Chesterfield, UK

  • Tasha Chapman - Florida, USA

  • Lucas Scialabba - Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Sywia (Ray) Wojtanowicz - Jelenia Gora, Poland

  • Carl Bahr - Texas, USA

  • Aye Jay - California, USA

  • Punchgut - North Dakota, USA

  • Wenceslao Almazan - Washington D.C., USA
  • Isabelle Hartmann - Germany

  • James Swagerty - New Mexico, USA

  • Jin Joson - Philippines

  • Richard Lee - Illinois, USA

  • Terry Fan - Toronto, Canada

  • Kris Zalameda - California, USA
  • Jason Knudson - Minnesota, USA

  • And More!


Unique Artist Shirts

Unicorn'd | Rocketlass | All the Fish in the Sea | Everyone Loves Grilled Cheese


To find out more information about our new product line, the participating artists, and to see the newest designs, please visit our section of original art t-shirts!