Zombie Tees: What to Wear During a Zombie Pub-Crawl or Zombie Apocalypse

by |October 5, 2012
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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter Halloween is approaching, and no doubt your Facebook events page is starting to fill with zombie themed events and invites. America’s obsession with the undead has spread faster than the zombie plague in "28 Days Later".

Zombie pub-crawls have become a hipster favorite with the notable Minneapolis Zombie crawl exploding in popularity over the past years. What started out just years ago as a few dozen brain-craving freaks terrorizing a few West Bank pubs has grown into a full-blown zombie apocalypse taking over much of the Twin Cities. Rapper DMX will even be playing a show at Epic this year as part of the festivities. While the Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl is not the only zombie pub-crawl type event, it has become one of the largest. With over 17,000 likes on Facebook, the Minneapolis event dwarfs similar events in Chicago and NYC.

Minnesota may be ruling the zombie pub-crawl scene but they aren’t the only ones having some good old-fashioned undead fun. At Washington State University, students started a “Zombie Week” simulation that challenged dorm residents to survive the growing horde for a chance to win cash and prizes. At Penn State, a group called the Urban Gaming club runs a yearly Zombies vs. Humans game that pits Nerf gun wielding humans against “infected” classmates in a campus-wide battle for survival.

For many fans of zombie culture, the fun isn’t limited to just the month of October. Fans of the undead log onto the zombie sub-Reddit all year long to list their favorite movies, zombie books, make up techniques and discussing the finer points of surviving a zombie apocalypse. With almost 60,000 subscribers, this sub-Reddit will be my first stop if a zombie outbreak ever occurs.

Showing your enthusiasm for the genre is a lot less scary than going face to face with a horde of brain fiends. To help you rep your zombie set this year, we’ve licensed some original art for our line of Artist Designed t-shirts, zombie movie t-shirts, as well as added a number of other zombie inspired t-shirts to our catalog.


Artist Designed Zombie Tees

This grisly design is from North Dakota based international artist Punchgut. Whether you are rocking this tee for a birthday bash or a pub-crawl, you will fit right in with this hip design. Punchgut draws his inspiration from a variety of sources including “illicit firecracker packages, 80s video games, distorted photocopies, wood carvings and outsider art, sailor tattoos, and cartoons of every kind...” 


zombie bday punchgut shirt

 (Women's Zombie Bday t-shirt)


Artist Aye Jay from Chico, California designed this gruesome tee that your mother definitely won’t approve of for those looking for a classic zombie look. Aye Jay’s portfolio includes concert posters, snowboard graphics, screen prints and other visual media.


fulchi zombie tshirt

(Men's Fulchi zombie t-shirt)


New Mexico’s graphic artist/designer James Swagerty rounds out the trio of “Artist Designed” zombie shirts with this ghastly offering. When he’s not working as an Art Director, James likes to draw animals... and zombies of course.


zombie surprise james swagerty shirt

 (Women's Zombie Surprise t-shirt)


Zombie Movie Tees

For those who would rather side with humanity, check out these designs and fly your zombie killing flag. Fans of arguably the best zombie comedy out there, "Shaun of the Dead", can take on the persona of Shaun (cricket bat and 12” vinyls not included) while rocking this tee.


shaun of the dead tshirt

 (Trompe Shaun of the Dead t-shirt)


Ash William’s loyal followers will love this "Army of Darkness" inspired design. If you’d rather show a zombie your “boomstick” than become part of the horde, this is the shirt for you.


army of darkness tshirt

(This Is My Boom Stick t-shirt)


Don’t forget to check out our entire line of zombie tees. While we can’t guarantee they will help you survive a zombie outbreak, we can guarantee you will look stylish trying.


John Imsdahl is a staff writer for T-Shirts.com. John is an avid outdoorsman, so we give him about an 85% chance of surviving the impending zombie apocalypse.