Political T-Shirts for 2012

by |November 2, 2012
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That magical time is almost here, Election day, where Americans put all their differences and hard feelings aside and pick the leaders that will govern our country in a civil and non-partisan manner. Alright, let’s get serious, it’s nothing like that. But how much fun would that be anyway? It’s always more fun to root for your team and trash talk the other guy’s team, and we can certainly help with both.


Democratic T-Shirts

Show your support for incumbent President Barack Obama with one of these tees, featuring the iconic “O” symbol designed by Sender LLC in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, IL. This tee featuring Obama in full boxing mode ready to knock out challenger Mitt Romney is another great choice.


democrat t-shirts


Republican T-Shirts

If you find yourself most commonly referring to the President by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, you might find one of these tee’s most appealing. The phrase “NObama” has been popular with conservatives, tea-partiers and some libertarians since 2008 and is a short and sweet way to show your political affiliations. Want to show your support for Republican nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and the Republicans? Check out these stylish tees (I hear the Reagan tee is a hit at GOP Headquarters).


republican t-shirts


Funny Political T-Shirts

For those of you who are full of apathy, or are just sick of all the mudslinging from the Republicans and the Democrats, check out these non-affiliated tees. Sometimes a little humor is needed in times like these.


funny political t-shirts


Just Vote T-Shirts

If you are one of those rare breeds of amazing people who just wants to remind people of their duty to get out and vote without interjecting your personal beliefs, we’ve got you covered too! Here are a couple tees reminding people very simply to get out and vote.


vote t-shirts


Whatever side of the political spectrum you reside on, don’t forget to get out and vote next Tuesday, and hopefully sporting one of these great designs.


Check out all of our political t-shirts here, and don't forget to vote!