T-Shirts for Movember

by |November 21, 2012
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Okay, we’ve all been there. You’re out with friends when *he* walks in. There is nothing unusual or particularly interesting about him except for the hairs protruding from his upper lip. You try not stare at the extended strands that have been waxed and styled into the Chevron—or whatever has seized command of his labium superius oris. At that point, it impossible to pull away, congratulations you are caught in mustache gravity! With so many mustache trends appearing these days, it’s hard to know the difference between the various mustaches. And, if you’re like me and have dismissed this fad as a fading over consumed trend, take a look at this.


Mo Sons mustache icon




It began a bar when a group of 30 men decided that mos (Australian slang for mustache) could be a creative way to raise prostate cancer awareness. Movember had begun!  Adam Garone, Movember’s co-founder, approached the Australian Prostate Cancer Foundation with their idea. That was in 2003. Since that time, Movember has become an official male health initiative, rising close to $126 million worldwide for prostate cancer research.  

On November 1st Mo Bros start with a clean-shaven face. For the rest of the month they commit to grooming, trimming, and even waxing their mustaches.  In  USA Movember, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas host parties, participate in the Mustache Dache ( a 5K in both Washington and California), and create online profiles where others in the surrounding area can donate to the cause. The events culminate at the end of the month with a series of Gala parties where a Miss Movember and Man of Movember are crowned. 


Movember logo



If Movember is king of mustaches then Noshember (No Shave November) is the jester. While Noshember and Movember take place in November, the similarities between the two end there.  Noshember does not actively promote the raising of funds for testicular and prostate cancer research. For men, facial hair grows freely and is not limited to mustaches alone.  Women can participate in the festivities by not shaving their arms and legs.  The goal of Noshember is to promote the unity of laziness. As for the hipsters who, let’s face it, have sparked a number of fashion trends these past few years including the current rise in mustache trendy items—they can be seen wearing an extremely polished handlebar mustache just because.


Mustache Style Guide

No matter where you stand in the mustache trend it’s safe to say that a man brave enough to wear a mustache deserves some praise. Even more for those who choose to comb, wax and style their lip cozy. This month, see how many mustache styles you can spot (or try) with the help of our mustache guide.


mustache style guide



The Handlebar

The Handlebar mustache is the easiest to recognize as it resemblances bicycle handlebars. The guy’s ‘stache should have that classic edge curl!


handlebar mustache ames bros tee

 (Ames Bros Handlebar Mustache Tee)


The Chevron

To spot The Chevron, think Richard Petty, look for a mustache that is thick, wide and covers the top of the upper lip! 


sesame street elmo might tickle tshirt

(Elmo 'This Might Tickle' Shirt)


The Mexican

The Mexican well… need we say more?!


made in mexico tshirt

 (Made in Mexico T-Shirt)

The Horseshoe

When looking for the The Horseshoe, Hulk Hogan is a great figure can come to mind or the fact that his mustache looks like an upside down horseshoe. 


two dudes cheech and chong t-shirt

 (Two Dudes T-Shirt)


If the guy you’re looking at doesn’t fit into any of these, he just may be a freestyler!