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by |November 27, 2012
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Wake up from that tryptophan-induced coma, brush the leftover stuffing crumbs from your shirt and start making those tough gifting decision, because the Holiday season is here! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice, Krampus or even Festivus, you’ll want to check out all of these geeky t-shirts for the deserving nerd in your life.



We were always warned not to ‘cross the streams’ but this t-shirt denies that very good advice and convergences one massive internet sensation with another; the result is a thing of 8-bit beauty.  The still-going-strong Three Wolf Moon t-shirt from lauded maker The Mountain is amalgamated here with the block-headed baddies from Minecraft, making this Three Creeper Moon tee come to life.


Three creeper moon and three wolf moon shirts

Three Creeper Moon T-Shirt | Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt


If Creepers creep them out, then maybe this Minecraft ore t-shirt would be a better stocking stuffer. This tee has a periodic table done up Minecraft style, featuring Ore, Naturals, Liquids and Nethers. Any big fan of Minecraft will likely find this t-shirt worth its weight in diamond ore.


minecraft periodic table of elements

Minecraft Periodic Table T-Shirt


Star Wars

Give the gift of travel in that galaxy far, far away with these Star Wars t-shirts. Every Star Wars fan dreams of visiting all the unique planets seen in the classic trilogy and the (lukewarm) prequel trilogy. Hit the hyperspace lever and head on over to Coruscant, the crown jewel of the Republic or admire the depth of Beggar’s Canyon and the twin suns setting on Tatooine. Now the geek in your life can say, “I’ve been to Hoth National Park, and survived.”


star wars tshirts

Coruscant T-Shirt | Tatooine Gold T-Shirt | Hoth Regional Parks T-Shirt


Does the geek in your life hate space travel, but loves to laugh? Then they might just enjoy a funny Star Wars t-shirt instead. Funny and goofy Star Wars tees are not so hard to find, but this one stood out as clever—Darth Vader with an inhaler. He’s always wheezing, and everyone knows that prolonged wheezing is a major precursor to the dark side. This particular tee is the most popular among Star Wars fans and asthmatics alike!


darth vapor tshirt

Darth Vapor T-Shirt


The Big Bang Theory

Remember that advice about crossing the streams? Yeah, the writer’s room over at "The Big Bang Theory" didn’t follow that either. When the Big Bang guys started their bowling team, of course they’d derive the punny name from a popular (or not so popular, depending on the trekkie you’re talking to) "Star Trek" character.


wesley crushers big bang theory tshirt

The Wesley Crushers T-Shirt


Another great gift idea for any fan of "The Big Bang Theory" is a t-shirt that Sheldon wore on the show. He’s always wearing funny, clever and witty tees, and this Tron tee by Ames Bros is no exception. Portrayed on the tee is Tron along with a lightcycle that has been broken into, which makes you wonder: did lightcycles have 8-Tracks, or the far more desirable (and awesome) cassette players? Somebody ask Daft Punk. They would know.


ames bros damn future shirt

Damn 2.0 Ames Bros T-Shirt


Video Games and RPG Games

“Hey, listen!” If the geek in your life, when asked what they’ll be doing for Holiday break, says, “Play video games, eat, sleep, and then play more video games,” then you better get them a video games t-shirt! What better way to please a Nintendo fan-boy or fan-girl then with the iconic and mystical Triforce from "The Legend of Zelda". Featuring the Hylian crest on the front, they’ll feel the delight of defeating Ganondorf all day when they wear this Zelda tee. Thankfully, Navi is nowhere in sight.


zelda symbol tshirt

Zelda Symbol T-Shirt


If your nerd shuns all bits and bytes as blasphemy, then how about a "Dungeons and Dragons" t-shirt? For the old school gamer in your life, this D&D tee features the classic logo of the RPG. This particular Dungeons and Dragons tee is enchanted with %2010 to awesomeness. Awesome!


dungeons and dragons shirt

Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt



Retro imagery is always in style, and now that the 1980s started over 30 years ago (dear god, how is that possible?) the 8-bit style is everywhere. Now, it’s even infiltrated comic book classics like the Avengers. The biggest movie of 2012 gets the retro treatment with this Avengers tee. It features four long-limbed 8-bit heroes: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk.


avengers 8bit shirt

Avengers Bits T-Shirt


The anti-hero is almost as popular as the heroes these days, and there’s no better representation of the anti-hero than Deadpool. The Merc with a mouth’s symbol is on the front, nothing more. It’s simple, striking and is shows great taste in comics books.


deadpool tshirt

Deadpool Icon T-Shirt


Hopefully this has given you some ideas for the ever-difficult-to-shop-for geek in your life.

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