Q&A with T-Shirt Artist Tasha Chapman

by |December 26, 2012
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Tasha Chapman is one of the seventeen artists currently being featured on T-Shirts.com as t-shirt designers. She is an artist and illustrator who loves to create art based on her surroundings in Southern Florida. Her designs include everything from sea life to owls and other various creatures. Tasha was kind enough to answer some of our questions for her fans, so they could get to know her and her art a little better.


When did you start drawing and why do you like it? Did you have one type of drawing when you started that you did over and over again?

I've been drawing my whole life. It's just something I do and have always done. When I was a kid I would draw faces over and over, mostly women's faces, which are something I almost never draw now.


From where do you draw your inspiration?

From nature, especially the ocean, and from my travel and experiences.


Tasha Chapman Surfing

Tasha Chapman surfing in the ocean.


Have you ever struggled to find inspiration? What did you learn from that?

For sure. There are times when there's just nothing going on in there. I try not to put too much pressure on myself about it though because stressing never helps. I need to be happy and interested in what I'm doing for it to be any good at all, so if I'm not, I'll leave it and go do something I am interested in. Once I relax it has a way of working itself out.


How does living in Florida play a role in your art?

It influences the colors I use and often the subjects - much of my art is based on aquatic themes. Being near the beach keeps me feeling happy and laid back, which probably gives the things I draw a fun vibe. It does make it difficult to create things that are seasonally appropriate though! It's hard to come up with designs that work for winter when it's still 80 degrees and sunny at home.


What has been your favorite art project or all time?

Whatever I'm working on at the moment is my favorite. It's the creative process that I'm into.


What is your favorite design on T-Shirts.com and how did you come up with the concept for it?

It's called Tea Monkey and I like it because it's a silly, demented scene. It's also done in coral and bright violet, what I consider 1980s electric beach colors, and they're some of my favorite. The concept came from an inside joke in my family that can't really be explained.


Tasha Chapman's Tea Monkey t-shirt design

Women's Tea Monkey T-Shirt


What do you like most about creating parodies in your art?

I think people connect with parodies easily because they're based on things that they already like and to me that's what art is about - connecting with people and making something positive.


What can your fans expect to see next from your work?

Hard to say, I'm always working on something, trying to make it better and better. If you like my style, stick around, because there's more of the same (but better!) to come.


Any words of wisdom for people who aim to create art in the ways you have?

Keep at it! Finding your own style is important and sometimes that takes a long time. Also, draw what you like and have fun because then it won't seem like as long of a time.


You can find all of Tasha's t-shirt designs on her featured artist page on T-Shirts.com.