What Your T-Shirt Says About You

by |January 4, 2013
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Everybody has that one t-shirt that they’ll never get rid of. Whether it’s your Spice Girls concert tee, your favorite teams’ jersey, or your trusty “Star Wars” t-shirt that you slept in then casually wore to class the next day; bottom line is our t-shirts mean a great deal to us. We care about our simple t-shirts so much, not because of the monetary value they possess or the store in which we purchased them; we care about them so much because they’re a reflection of ourselves. They allow us to innocently wear our hearts on our sleeves (pun intended).

The classic jokester might wear a “Hangover “movie tee in hopes of getting a chuckle from a random passerby or someone who likes to stir up a little controversy might wear an offensive shirt on the subway to experience eye rolling and sneers from fellow riders. Wearing your favorite t-shirt to a party (as long as it doesn’t have pasta stains or tiny holes around the armpit) might be totally beneficial. It could attract the kind of people you hope to meet, or even that special someone. Charming  the dork in the corner that’s been double dipping in the guacamole while debating the victor of a G.I. Joe versus Transformer battle might actually be a piece of cake if you wear our “I heart Nerds” t-shirt.

Nevertheless, a t-shirt that crosses the line from witty to wildly inappropriate is a clever way to engage a stranger in a conversation or a quick way to meet a foe and challenge them to a heated impromptu debate. But what the heck, you only live once and life’s too short not to reveal a little something special about your fabulous self, so here are some cool tees to consider the next time you feel like shouting from the rooftops, “this is what I stand for, and I have no problem displaying it on a t-shirt for the world to see!”


Let Your T-Shirt Do The Talking


Politically Incorrect

Romnesia? Nobama? No, thank you! I’m casting my vote in favor of a more inconspicuous candidate… hip hip hooray for The Naked Cowboy!


gray animal shirt

Grey Animal T-Shirt


Gold Digger

Don’t even think about approaching if you can’t buy me a Persian cat with 42K gold claws, my own exotic island equipped with pink palm trees, a diamond encrusted Ferrari, a pair of Louboutins for every day of the year and my own black card, of course.


hapiness is expensive shirt

Happiness is Expensive T-Shirt 


Deep Artist

What an ingenious double entendre! People will think I'm artsy and appreciate my dark humor for sure!


photography shirt

I Shoot People T-Shirt


Dude Bro

What?! Chicks totally dig assertive men, bro. And if not, maybe she’ll like me for my charming sense of humor.


you me bed now shirt

Bed Now T-Shirt



Ya know I’m just living the dream, staying up til 5 a.m. playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops” at my mom’s while chugging Mountain Dew and fisting cheese puffs … so yeah, I’m obviously way to busy for a girlfriend.


black ops shirt

Black Ops T-Shirt



Mother Earth is my homegirl, and if you even think about throwing that Snickers wrapper on the ground, you’ll be very sorry!


planet earth shirt

Stop Destroy the Planet T-Shirt


Beer Enthusiast

Hey, woman! Get in the kitchen and get me another beer. Jimmy Johnson is on his last lap and I can’t miss it! Oh, and don’t throw out the Bud Light box just yet, I want to wear it as a hat and run down to Bubba’s with a beer can lei so we can celebrate Jimmy’s win together by funneling more beer. I love beer!


beer shirt

Where's the Beer T-Shirt



My life would be so totally epic if I could actually travel through the desolate and treacherous Mines of Moria and make it to Mordor to protect Frodo, destroy the one ring in the fires of Mount Doom, and essentially save all Middle-Earth from complete destruction! 


lord of the rings shirt

Lord of the Rings T-Shirt


Brooding Hipster

People just don’t understand me… just leave me alone so I can sulk in peace in my cozy flannel shirt while I feverishly speculate the reasons behind my generation’s unfortunate deterioration, um thanks.


nirvana shirt

Kurt Cobain T-Shirt


Social Media Socialite

I can’t talk to you unless you’re my friend on Facebook, so send me a request so we can make our friendship official. Don’t forget to write on my wall! Ooh, and like my status! And tag me in that pic so I can set it as my default!


facebook shirt

You Like This T-Shirt