Funny T-Shirts to Wear on The Price is Right

by |January 9, 2013
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Have you ever dreamed about heading out to LA and becoming a contestant on “The Price is Right?” If you grew up in the latter half of the 20th century you more than likely have considered it! “The Price is Right” started way back in 1956, but the version we all know and love with Bob Barker as host didn’t start until 1972. Barker hosted the show every day for the next thirty-five years until Drew Carey took over in 2007. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you probably remember the Bob Barker version. If you’re anything like me, you remember it being that must-watch TV show every morning during summer vacation or on those ever-too short sick days.

I always told myself that once I was old enough I’d get on the show, or at least try to get on the show. I always wanted to bid a dollar in contestant’s row, spin the big wheel, and say, “Hi Mom!” after winning a new car(!). So, now that I am older and able to legally be a contestant, I started planning this dream trip out to the west coast. Easy, right? Plane ticket—check. Ticket to the show—check. T-shirt to get noticed by the producers… not check! Possibly one of the most important things to get you from the audience to contestant’s row is standing out from the crowd. Okay, this isn’t “Let’s Make a Deal,” but a funny or ironic tee can’t hurt, and may even help get you to that coveted stage and the even more coveted games. Alright, it’s time to check that last item off the list and get my shot at the Showcase Showdown…


I am the One Percent

Would the producers think you’re being serious if you wore this? Being a part of the 1% is probably not the most sympathetic affiliation a potential contestant could have. But as an ironic twist, I’d say it’s an excellent choice. Now, if the audience believes your tee, they’re not even going to give you an obligatory “aww” when your little mountain climber goes tumbling off the cliff.


one percent t-shirt

I Am the 1% T-Shirt



If you’re going in a group, this is a pretty awesome t-shirt for everyone to wear. What better way to say that you’re incredible than an Incredibles t-shirt? The bright red tee with the stark yellow symbol on the chest will help you heroically stand out from the crowd for sure.


incredibles t-shirt

Incredibles Icon T-Shirt


I'm Kind of a Big Deal T-Shirt

Drew Carey might have an objection to the claim this t-shirt makes as I’m sure he likes to think he’s the big deal around the set of The Price is Right. But you might convince a few of the other higher ups that you really are a “big deal” and should definitely be on the show when you go in this t-shirt.


big deal shirt

I'm Kind of a Big Deal T-Shirt


Charlie Sheen Winning T-Shirt   

So, this is a controversial t-shirt, just because "The Price is Right" is on CBS, and so was Charlie Sheen when he was still a part of “Two and a Half Men.” The troubled star, of course, left the show and network on not so friendly terms. But, “winning” is definitely what you want to do when you get on the show.


charlie sheen winning shirt

Charlie Sheen Winning T-Shirt


Tuxedo T-Shirt

Show the producers that you consider “The Price is Right” an occasion to class it up when you go in this tuxedo t-shirt. This is possibly my favorite on the entire list. The Price is Right isn’t a black tie event, but maybe it should be. At the very least you’ll look right at home in the fancy sports car you’ll win playing Golden Road.


tuxedo tshirt

Tuxedo T-Shirt


I'm Awesome T-Shirt

The most important part of confidence is to believe it yourself. If you believe that you’re awesome, then everyone else will too. And what better way to tell everyone you’re awesome than on national television? And won’t it be great to prove you’re indeed awesome to all the haters out there when you win double showcases while wearing this t-shirt?


im awesome shirt

I'm Awesome T-Shirt


Johnny Cash Block T-Shirt   

Here is another sort of ironic tee that could mean two different things. Normally, a Johnny Cash t-shirt just means, “Hey, this guy likes Johnny Cash!” But when you wear it on “The Price is Right” it means, literally, CASH! Who doesn’t want some cash? (I’d prefer it to be PLiNKO cash, specifically). I’ve also always wanted to get that perfect bid in contestant’s row and get the five one hundred dollar bills sitting in Bob’s coat pocket.


johnny cash block shirt

Johnny Cash Block Shirt


Sports Super Fan T-Shirt       

This might be a little too crazy for CBS daytime, but talk about eye-catching! You’re going to stand out from the crowd, big time. This is an ultra-realistic print so you’ll actually look like you painted Super Fan and Number 1 on yourself. You might get blurred by the censors, but it will totally be worth it.


super fan shirt

Super Fan T-Shirt


I Love My MOM T-Shirt               

Maybe when you wear an “I Love My Mom” t-shirt, you’ll have the producers on the show feeling the warmth in their hearts and pick you to be on the show. Everyone always shouts out, “Hi Mom!” any chance they can get when they’re on air, so why not go a step further and say you love her too. She’ll love it, and so will audiences!


i love my mom shirt

I Love My Mom T-Shirt


On my way to L.A.

Any of these tees should give me a better chance at getting on “The Price is Right”. Standing out from the crowd won’t be nearly as hard when my tuxedo tee does all the talking for me. Now that I’ve got that t-shirt problem taken care of, all I have to do is brush up on my putting skills in case I get a shot at Hole in One (or Two). See you soon, Drew Carey!

Chris Harder

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