The Best Movie T-Shirts Based on One-Liners

by |January 24, 2013
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Are you one of those people who are constantly watching the same movie over and over again because they're just THAT great? Do you find that you know every single line and just can't help saying the best ones right along with the actors? Then, this post is for you! The best movie quotes, or one-liners, are things you always remember no matter how long it's been since you last watched the flick. Here are some of our favorite movie one-liners that were made into t-shirts. 


Harry Potter

Other than the opening score to the Harry Potter movies, probably one of the most recognizable things to hear is the line, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," when Harry, Ron and Hermione are using the Marauder's Map. It's nearly always followed by trouble and concludes with, "mischief managed." With that being said, it's a no-brainer that this shirt would be perfect for any Harry Potter fan!


Harry Potter Up To No Good T-Shirt



"60 percent of the time it works every time." If you've seen "Anchorman", you know that Ron Burgundy likes to throw out statistics, especially if they're about himself. Ron brings you the news, so you don't have to get it yourself. And, he makes sure you know that he's correct in his actions, which is probably why they made this into a t-shirt.


Anchorman Percentage T-Shirt


The Big Lebowski:

The Cohen brothers hit it big in the late 90s by introducing us to "The Dude" who is, simply put, obsessing over his rug that was destroyed. And, what do you do when you're overly attached to a subject? Talk about it with your bowling buddies. So, make sure to, "mark it a zero, dude," or you'll probably make some enemies at the lanes.


Big Lebowski That Rug T-Shirt


The Goonies:

What do the Goonies say? Well, more like what they don't say. The Goonies never say die! Need we say more?


The Goonies Never Say Die T-Shirt


The Hangover & The Hangover 2:

"The Hangover" movies are probably two of the most talked about comedies of the 21st century. With the crazy plot lines and memorable characters, especially Ken Jeong's character Leslie Chow, you're in for a good time. Even if you only watch this one for the one-liners, "it's funny because he's fat!"


The Hangover T-Shirt


Did we miss any great t-shirt movie one-liners? Check out our movie t-shirts and let us know what you think in the comments!