A Girl's (Secret) Guide to Understanding the NBA All-Star Game

by |February 13, 2013
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It’s that time of year again where guys ask their significant others to join them in watching a game of football, basketball.  To sit beside them on plush leather couches whist cheering for his designated team.  To express with sincere enthusiasm, joy or disappointment at goals baskets made or lost… and not ask questions.

If you’re like me and a sports game is just a time to ogle the hottest player and words like assist, baseline and flush is something you’d say when you need to unclog your toilet then have no fear! Here are three reasons why you should (or try to) watch the upcoming NBA All-Star Game.


nba all star starters



Fans get a say!

What would happen if you could create the perfect dream team? Well you can. This year a whopping 120 NBA players were selected and placed on a ballot by an official panel. Each player hails from either the Eastern or Western Conference (e.g. Miami Heat is an eastern conference team. The Lakers are a western conference team.)  For several months fans could vote for their favorites along with their starting position. Those with the highest scores were made it on either the East or West team. It’s no surprise that two of the NBA’s most popular players Kobe Bryant and LeBron James received the highest votes. 


nba kobe bryant



It’ll be a spectacle!

Of all the NBA games, the All-Star game is a must see. What makes it so special? First, it’s a chance for players from opposing teams to unite. Secondly, it’s the perfect place for the NBA’s elite to showcase their skills. Introducing Mister Kobe Bryant and his spectacular feats!  Usually they attempt impressive slam dunks and alley-oops. The final score of this game will undoubtedly be much higher than an average NBA game.  Then there is the hype, the celebrities (yes, there is an All-Star Celebrity Game plus those who attend the event), the immaculate display of athleticism, and those glamorous after parties. The events culminate with one player being awarded the NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player. Be sure to let us know who you think this year’s MVP award will go to (author’s note: Kobe has won four times).


kobe bryant



It’s just a game.

You don’t have to be a basketball connoisseur to enjoy the game. Even if you don’t know the ends and outs of why the referee blew the whistle, take the All-Star game for what it is, a bunch of very attractive men running after a ball.

Eastern Conference Starters: G Rajon Rondo (Celtics), G Dwyane Wade (Heat), F LeBron James (Heat), F Carmelo Anthony (Knicks), C Kevin Garnett (Celtics)


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Western Conference Starters: G Chris Paul (Clippers), G Kobe Bryant (Lakers), F Kevin Durant (Thunder), F Blake Griffin (Clippers), C Dwight Howard (Lakers)


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