Women's Fashion Tee Quiz: What’s your T-Shirt Style?

by |March 1, 2013
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Still wondering how to put together your next great look, one that incorporates your taste and personality?  Need a way to make your outfits come alive? Ladies we’ve all been there, stuck in a fashion rut. As creatures of habit, it’s only natural that we be buy the same thing, in multiple colors again and again. Well maybe it’s time to jazz up your wardrobe with some help from T-shirts.com. Take our quick and easy quiz to discover your fashion tee style! Total up your score at the end to see your results. Don’t like your score? Take it again, we promise we won’t tell.


Quiz: What’s your T-Shirt Style?

1. Quick! Pick your favorite flick

A.    Battle Royale

B.    Bend it like Beckham

C.    The Notebook

D.    Breakfast at Tiffany’s


2.  Where’s your favorite place to shop?

A. Buffalo Exchange.

B. Your boyfriend’s closet

C. Forever 21

D. The nearest thrift store


3.  Which would you rather play?

A.  Anything online

B.  XBOX 360

C. Wii

D. Super Nintendo


4.  What’s your favorite reality show?

A.  King of the Nerds

B.  The Amazing Race

C.  The Bachelor

D.  The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


5.  Which gift would you be most excited to get?

A.  Weekend passes to Comic Con

B.  Tickets to your favorite sporting event

C.  A relaxing day at the spa

D.  Front row tickets to a Madonna concert.


6.  Who would you rather date?

A.  Shia Labeouf

B.  Kobe Bryant

C.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

D.  Harrison Ford


7.  Whose style would you love to steal?

A.  Kristen Stewart

B.  Megan Fox

C.  Salena Gomez

D.  Katy Perry



Quiz Results BelowNo Peeking!

Mostly As -Geek Chic

Congrats you scored mostly As, typical GEEK CHIC ;).  When you watch movies you find yourself saying things like:  well in the comic book he… or when they filmed this they… If you’re vibing on the Geek Chic, style, then it’s time to unleash your inner nerd.   Pay tribute to the empire with our classic Star Wars T-shirt, a pair of high waist shorts and a colorful scarf.


geek chic t-shirts

 Women's Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt


Mostly Bs—Sporty Diva

As a SPORTY DIVA, you love being near the action and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. You’re the kind of girl who loves trying new things like pottery or P90X. You can sit still during a sporting game and most likely know what a foul, double dribble or other ref lingo means. Yup! You’re definitely a Sporty Diva.   A simple and easy way to flaunt your inner go getter: a sports tee.  Pair one of our black basketball t-shirts with a pair of faux leather leggings. Step into a pair of black studded high tops to finish the look.


sporty diva shirts

 Women's Knicks T-Shirt


Mostly Cs—Girlie Gurl

Well hello Miss. GIRLIE GURL, it appears all though you lean towards the softer, more feminine side. A relaxing massage and a mani/pedi with the girls… um…yes please! When you’re a girlie gurl you understand the value of smelling the roses, enjoying a cappuccino at your favorite outdoor café, and painting your nails every week. You value color and vibrancy especially in your wardrobe. For you Miss. Gurl, pair this fabulous California Sugar Paradise t-shirt with a light teal, high low skirt. Rock a canvas tote and you’re good to go!


girlie gurl tees

 Junk Food Women's California Sugar Paradise T-Shirt


Mostly Ds—Retro Goddess

It appears as though you’ve scored mostly Ds. You’re the kind of girl who goes shopping at the thrift store for a pair of stirrup pants or an over-sized top. You’re also not afraid to go rummaging through your moms closet to look for an authentic 80s mini skirt! In short, you know how to breathe life into an outdated look. Congrats, you’re a vintage classic a.k.a. RETRO GODDESS. Our Madonna t-shirt will be essential to your next look. Pair it with some hot pink tights and peep toe high heel wedges.


retro goddess tshirts

 Women's Madonna T-Shirt


What do you think?

What result did you get? Where are you going to wear your look?  What do you think of the outfits? Which of these outfits are your favorite? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!


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