Hangover Cures

by |May 24, 2013
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In honor of The Hangover Part III coming out this week, we got together in the office and came up with a few of our favorite hangover cures. And yes, the perfect Hangover tees to wear while taking our advice because I have a feeling that if you’re anything like your favorite Wolfpack, a good hangover cue with a comfy tee is just what the doctor (or drug dealer) ordered.


Alan Hangover Classic Tee

Classic Alan

Number one: Frozen hangover tee.

Sure, we’ve all heard about cold compacts, but what better way to jump the funk out of your system then with a nice, popsicle-cold tee? The best part about this is that you can use your frozen tee in multiple ways. First, try it as an eye mask to block out that hateful sun. Second, fold your cold tee up into a nice little square and then use it as an ice pack over your skinned knees or twisted ankle. Keep it elevated, and ice for twenty minutes. Third, well you guess it. It’s just like jumping into the swimming pool—toss that tee straight over your head. Yes, it will be cold, but yes, it will immediately knock that hangover out.


Hangover Baby Carlos Costume Shirt

Baby Bjorn 



 Number two: Recreate your night. 

Just like the guys in The Hangover, you’ll need to go play-by-play about what happened the night before. Start with the first drink you took, who with, and when the second, third, and fourth drinks happened. To really rid that hangover, you’ll need to get your crew back together and go place to place reenacting fights, missing teeth, and even sometimes marriages. The key is to not stop until you end where you started—hopefully safely in bed. Sometimes embarrassment is the best hangover cure.


Wolfpack in Tuxedos Hangover Shirt

Wait A Second 



Number three: Looking at pictures of Las Vegas.

You’re up. You’ve puked, washed your face, and had some aspirin. Pass the hurting time by planning a new alcohol-induced trip. In this state of the process, you’ll want to think big. Where have you always wanted to go? Vegas? Perfect! Pull up Google Map and get started. Soon those thirty minutes of headache will feel like none at all, and by the time you’re done creating the ultimate night of fun well, your hangover should be over.


Alan Yellow Lab Hangover Shirt

Lab Tee 



Number four: Staying in bed, ordering a pizza, and watching your favorite movie.

A unanimous choice for a hangover cue is to stay in bed, order a pizza, and watch a movie. We recommend your favorite comedy and lots and lots of water. While we may not have fancy drink concoctions or physical regiment to rid a hangover, we are all in agreement that staying in bed and eating junk food (with water!) are the best ways to get rid of a hangover.


Not at the Table Carlos Shirt

Not At The Table 



Number five: Breakfast

Now, if you’ve actually been to Las Vegas, partied all night, and your hangover exists because you’ve followed in the footsteps of Allen and the gang, then you might just need the best hangover cure of all—a greasy breakfast! There’s nothing scientific about it at all, but nothing beats the pounding headache and debilitating sense of remorse better than a bunch of bacon, sausage, eggs, and golden fried hasbrowns. Be sure to get a cup of coffee, and if they have it, double down on the Bloody Mary. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, may we recommend the Sunshine Café? Don’t let the smiling cartoon sun out front fool you; this place has the perfect menu to get you back up on your feet and partying again in no time.


With these helpful tips, you should be able to rid yourself of that hangover in no time! (And look great while doing it). I have a sneaking suspension that the crew would be very proud, and probably, allow you to join the Wolfpack while swapping drunk stories during breakfast. So grab your very best of friends, your favorite Hangover tee, and enjoy a party-filled night at The Hangover Part III.