Superman Got a New Uniform, You Should Too

by |June 13, 2013

It’s going to be a busy weekend. For starters, Man of Steel is coming out! Then there’s Father’s Day (not to mention True Blood, Dexter, and Burn Notice returning) but I digress… Let’s go back to the one of the biggest summer box office movies that everyone’s been waiting for: Man of Steel


Like me, I’m sure you grew up watching the Superman movies. I can remember the old Christopher Reeve ones playing on basic television during the weekends. And I remember that I wanted Superman to save me from some horrific fate like a burning building or crashing plane.

Man of Steel takes on a darker image for Superman not only with his uniform, but also with his parents and the human race. It will be interesting to see him in a new light as well as some of our Superman tees (that also make a perfect last-minute gift for dad) in a dark theater watching the newest Man of Steel. 


Man of Steel Shield Black T-Shirt

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The major difference from the new uniform and the old is the lack of red trunks. While I personally always enjoyed them, they would be a little distracting in the new moodier film. To match the darker tone, the primary colors have also changed to darker ones, and the suit now also has a “tougher” look perfect for the new Superman millennium. Whether you’re pro- or anti-briefs, at least you don’t have to worry about wearing them.


Superman Soar T-Shirt

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One thing’s for sure, Superman is still (and always will be) Super. With super-human powers of flying, strength, invulnerability to diseases, speed, x-ray vision, and intelligence, you can rest assure that there will be high speed chases, cunning use of mental abilities, and lots and lots of flying with his fist leading the way through the air.


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Okay, let’s admit it. In order to play Superman, there must be a certain type of … masculinity met. The chiseled abs and jawline, those baby blues, and thick dark hair… well, it’s easy to see why so many swoon after he catches them in the air. While many great actors were considered for the new role, Henry Cavill eventually won out. And yes. He does have some big boots to fill (come on, Christopher Reeves was a gorgeous man in his hey-day), but I think he’ll still be able to cause tons of swooning.


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Still not convinced by the new suit? Or just love standing out in a crowd? Superman supports that. And I do too. Since Superman’s uniform got re-vamped, I don’t think you should feel the need to stick with the classic navy and red any longer. Get creative, funky, and fun. It’s all about the “S” anyway.


Super Dad T-Shirt

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Yep. It’s Father’s Day, and if Superman taught us one thing it’s that parents are important, and dads (both the human and alien kind) are strong, protective, and supportive of their children. Plus, they save you when you fall out of trees and are always the strongest men you know. So I’d like to think of fathers everywhere as a type of Supermen. 


Super 1 Distressed T-Shirt

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And, if you’re really still not convinced, you can always still support Superman just as he was originally drawn out: with his red cape, tall boots, and briefs. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster wanted Superman to show off his strength just like a strong-man circus performer with tight uniform (perfect to show off muscles), boots, and yes, classic briefs. Plus, many classic Superman fans will probably agree with you (despite how much they secretly love the new film).


So amidst all the craziness that’s sure to clog up your schedule this weekend I really hope that you have a chance to watch the new Superman and show your support for heroes out there—new uniforms and old.

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