Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson Venn Diagram

by |December 11, 2013
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Ron Burgundy Ron Swanson Mashup

For Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy and Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson, legendary manliness fits a blueprint. Look at their shared interests: shared secret passions for jazz woodwinds, refined taste for finer woods (rich mahogany, of course), an appetite for aged spirits and an affinity for beloved beasts. While both find old wooden ships beautiful, Burgundy probably stands alone in thinking “Diversity” was the name of an old, old ship used in the Civil War. 

Find more comparisons in the venn diagram below-- the mustache portion indicates the characteristics shared by between the Rons. It would seem they could be two sides of the same coin. A picture mashup of the two characters is very reminiscent of a certain Batman villain....

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Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson Venn Diagram

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