10 Game of Thrones Characters With Kim Jong Un Haircuts

by |March 27, 2014
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Yesterday was an interesting day. It was widely reported from the likes of The BBC, TIME, and The Washington Post, that all North Korean male university students will be required to sport the same distinct hairstyle as Kim Jong Un, the country's leader. The "Dear Leader" cut features shaved sides that fade into a voluminous high top, and it actually looks pretty decent on A-List celebrities with symmetrical face shapes...


Celebrities with the Kim Jong Un haircut

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We had a hunch that this may not be the case for everyone, though, so naturally we explored said hunch! Due to their great variety of ages, hairstyles, face shapes, and body types (and our complete inability to think of anything besides GOT), we decided that the males of Game of Thrones would be the perfect test subjects! Here are 10 characters from the show sporting the Dear Leader. Hope you enjoy these "Manes of Thrones!"


Kim Jong Un on The Iron Throne

When you play THIS Game of Thrones, you either win or you die...of embarassment over your new coif.


1. Jaime Jun Lannister

Jaime Lannister with Kim Jong Un hair

He seems skeptical, and rightfully so. We much prefer his longer locks.


2. Kim Jon Snow

jon Snow with Kim Jong Hair

Not bad actually, but it would be hard to maintain that pristine part in the strong winds near the Wall.


3. Khal-A-New-Stylist Drogo 

Khal Drogo with Kim Jong Un hair

This is probably the most successful of the 10, since a man with a beard styled like Jasmine can pull off anything.


4. The High Top Hound

Kim Jong haircut on The Hound

Sorry Sandor. We're not used to seeing this much of your face and we'd like to keep it that way. This is not the do for you.


6 & 7. Bran and Hairdor

Hodor and Bran with Kim Jong hair

We would ask Hodor if he likes his haircut, but we already know what he would say.


8. Joffrey Jon Un

Kim Jon Un hair on King Joffrey

If Joffrey won't allow flowers on his robes, we're quite sure he wouldn't like how feminine the Dear Leader makes him look.


9. Tyrion-Up Lannister

Tyrian Lannister with Kim Jong Un hair

He's tyrion up because he doesn't like his haircut, get it? Get it?


10. Arya-Kiddin-Me Stark

Arya Stak with Kim Jong hair

We know she's technically not a male, but we had to see what "Arry" would look like!


Bonus: Dire Straits Wolf 

Kim Jong Un hair on a Direwolf

Those eyes say it all. This Direwolf is not all about it.


Overall we're satisfied with this experiment. Props to Khal Drogo and Jon Snow for being some of the only ones that can pull off this cut with any measure of style success. Well, those two and the Direwolf of course, who can do no wrong. We'll see if any of these fellows choose to try out the Dear Leader come April 6th, during the Game of Thrones season four premiere! 

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