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by |June 25, 2014
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Miley Cyrus Vintage Rock T-Shirts


If there’s one thing Miley Cyrus loves – well, besides attempted-twerking and sticking her tongue out and giant teddy bears and Robin Thicke and skulls made of french fries and sledgehammers – it’s vintage rock t-shirts. Duh! So, in a summertime effort to fill our wardrobe with Miley-inspired items, we’ve put together this guide to getting Ms. Cyrus’ look. We’ve found some of her best retro tee outfits and paired them with our matching products. Enjoy!



Iron Maiden

Miley Cyrus Iron Maiden T-Shirt

Iron Maiden Killers T-Shirt – Shop


We had no idea Miley was such a fan of Eddie and the rest of the Iron Maiden crew, but we’re glad she is. She’s been spotted many times in this heavy metal vintage t-shirt and ones just like it. The fact that Miley likes Maiden makes us want to cruise around in our cars blasting “Run to the Hills.”



The Rolling Stones

Miley Cyrus Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones US Tour Shirt – Shop


Aw, look at baby Miley! Isn’t it hard to even imagine that she used to be Hannah Montana? Insert joke here about how the “best of both worlds” singer somehow became the star of the We Can’t Stop video. No one could have predicted that. Either way – we’ve seen pics of Miley rocking this shirt back in the day and sporting it more recently, so that means that Rolling Stones is a winner.



The Beatles

Miley Cyrus Beatles Tees

The Beatles Standing Group T-Shirt – Shop         The Beatles Free Fall T-Shirt – Shop


What’s a summer outfit without a vintage Beatles shirt and a pair of denim shorts? Don’t answer! That’s rhetorical! Because even Miley knows – in all her fashion-forward ways – that sometimes you have to stick with the classics. We included two options here: the beige colored shirt to match the hue of her tee, and then a darker, tie-dyed option which features the same font in Miley's Beatles logo tee.



Kurt Cobain/Nirvana

Miley Cyrus in Nirvana Tee

Posterized Kurt Cobain T-Shirt – Shop


Miley’s vintage music shirt collection is not limited to just classic rock. Kurt Cobain snuck his way into Miley’s closet (never thought we’d write that line!) care of this tank top. The shirt is cool, Nirvana is cool, and this sleeveless tee will help you keep cool during the hot weather. It all makes perfect sense.



Pink Floyd

Miley in Pink Floyd Shirts

The Wall Pink Floyd Shirt – Shop


Ok, we’ll end this collection back on the classic rock and roll track with this vintage Pink Floyd shirt. Miley is wearing hers off-the-shoulder, so consider buying up a few sizes and cutting off the collar to give it a more relaxed and stylized look. Also, take a look at our ways to make new shirts look vintage post for examples on how to give your new tee a lived-in feel.


See the rest of our vintage t-shirts here. If you want to check out more of our rock tees, shop our music t-shirts here!



Photos of Miley from, NY Daily News,, Celebrity Style Guide, and Polyvore.

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