They've saved the world, now what?

by |June 4, 2011
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Superheroes protect the public by fighting crime... but what happens when they win? With crime eradicated, how would they spend their time? Inspired by photographer Gregg Segal’s series “Super Heroes at Home” here’s our take on post-spandex career options.


Captain America

Before Steve Rogers was Captain America, he was a scrawny fine arts student. With the bad guys off the streets, he could use his illustration abilities and battle experiences to craft powerful pieces that depict the horrors of war. A successful traveling exhibition would likely ensue, but Steve might be disappointed to realize that many of his fans appreciate his perfect specimen of a body rather than his intricate art.



Clark Kent was always good at stashing his street clothes. That ability to stow clothing without subsequent wrinkles has major money-making potential. Now that checking bags onto airplanes costs upward of $25 and an extra 20 minutes at baggage claim, more and more travelers are sticking with carry-on luggage. Kent could use his tips and tricks to develop an excellent As-Seen-On-TV (and for sale at Walgreens and CVS) storage solution!

superman in airport


Wonder Woman

Diana of Themyscira, aka Wonder Woman, owes her powers to ancient goddesses. This first-hand knowledge makes her an excellent candidate for a PhD in classical mythology. While she’d spend most of her time teaching and writing, she could spend her sabbaticals astrally projecting.

wonder woman in class


Green Lantern

Hal Jordan would likely return to his fighter pilot roots. After a career as a crime fighting maverick, he’s probably tired of going it alone. He could find himself a Goose, give up the Top Gun spot, but find happiness teaching promising pilots.



Peter Parker, a victim of childhood bullying, could start a photography blog that explored lonely youth culture and would inevitably become an internet phenomenon. While Mary Jane would likely support a book deal and a motivational speaking tour at first, she would soon realize the strain that it puts on their relationship. As conflicted feelings emerged over career goals and dreams of starting a family, Peter would have to trade fighting villains for fighting his inner demons.



Wolverine is so anti-establishment, he’d just drop off the grid upon retirement. No credit cards, no bank accounts, nothing trackable.

wolverine hideout


Iron Man and Batman

Iron Man and Batman would likely maintain their statuses as prominent businessmen. Tony Stark would continue to make as much money as possible, and would eventually make an unsuccessful run for the presidency. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, would continue devote his time to charity work a la the Gates Foundation.


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