2014 Back to School T-Shirt Gift Guide

by |August 21, 2014
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2014 Back To School T-Shirt Gift Guide


In the grand scheme of things - in between books, binders, and glue sticks - shopping for new school clothes is a pretty amazing chore to cross off your to-do list come autumn. However, finding the perfect t-shirt for a specific personality might be difficult. Always the first to volunteer to window-shop for new digs, we’ve come up with some gift guides for common back-to-school personas. What do you think? Which shirt is on the top of your wish list this fall?


For The TV Lover

T-Shirts for a TV Fan

Archer Awesomeness T-Shirt – Shop         Star Trek Holodeck T-Shirt – Shop 

The Simpsons Pin Pals – Shop         Breaking Bad All Over Print – Shop

Stay in The House Carl T-Shirt – Shop         Game of Thrones: House Stark Polo -- Shop


These past few years have definitely been big for TV. There are so many series out there that feel more like weekly mini-movies than television shows, so it comes as no so surprise that the medium has its fair share of super-fans. From AMC’s line-up of nail biters like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead to vintage t-shirt styles featuring Star Trek or The Simpsons, there are plenty of shirts to pick from.  And who wouldn’t want a “Stay in the house, Carl” shirt? Second only to Rick Grimes dad jokes images.


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For The Convention Goer

Con T-Shirts

Star Wars Camp Endor T-Shirt – Shop         League of Legends T-Shirt – Shop 

I Am the TARDIS T-Shirt – Shop         Loki God of Mischief T-Shirt – Shop 

Minecraft Enderman Hoodie – Shop         Attack on Titan T-Shirt – Shop


Wearing your fandom on your sleeve has definitely become a lot more commonplace thanks to the success of superhero movies, imported anime, and various MMOs and other video games. However mainstream Loki, Thor, League of Legends, the 9th Doctor, Space Dandy, or Attack on Titan get, though, there’s no place like home, or, uh, excuse us - no place like a convention filled with likeminded fanboys and girls. In between SDCC, NYCC, and any smaller cons that happen in the meantime, you can let your love shine in the school hallways with these t-shirts.  Allons-y!


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For The Sports Fan

Sports T-Shirts for Back to School

Hulkamania T-Shirt – Shop         NY Knicks Hoodie – Shop 

New England Patriots Tank Top – Shop         Navy NFL Thermal Long Sleeve – Shop 

Macho Man T-Shirt – Shop         Heartbreakers Roller Derby T-Shirt -- Shop


Back to school season definitely brings to mind events like football games, playing catch in the quad, and, you know, other sporty type things that you do on campus. Not into wearing your favorite player’s jersey every day to class? Wanna be a little more fashion forward in your love of Randy Savage? These should do the trick. Sidebar: that vintage roller derby tee is pretty much the cutest. Plus it's exclusive! 


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For The Audiophile

Music T-Shirts for Back to School

Women’s Wu-Tang Clan T-Shirt – Shop         Rage Against the Machine Shirt – Shop

Orange Grateful Dead Shirt – Shop         Beatles Names T-Shirt – Shop

Danzig T-Shirt – Shop         Elvis American Legend T-Shirt – Shop


How will anyone know how awesome your taste in music is if you aren’t wearing the band logo right across your chest? Just kidding! That’s not why you wear band t-shirts, silly! You wear music shirts because you like to support your favorite groups, and, duh, they look cool. These styles range from classic vintage music t-shirts to newer designs. And Danzig. Timeless, perfect Danzig.


All of our band t-shirts are here!


For The Hipster

Hipster T-Shirts for Back to School

Bart Simpson Big Head T-Shirt – Shop         Cat Face T-Shirt – Shop

Part Of Your World Little Mermaid Shirt – Shop         Night and Day Owl T-Shirt – Shop

Ouija Board Shirt – Shop         I Love Pizza Shirt – Shop

Pug Face Shirt – Shop         Wolf Flag T-Shirt – Shop


Everyone has one of “those” friends. The ironic, meme-loving, Tumblr-using friend who has already read all about whatever you’re trying to explain on Reddit. Like, yesterday. You mad, bro? (A: Yes, always mad when someone says that out loud.) For this hipster friend of yours (don’t call them a hipster), suggest these tees for their approval. Hipsters love wolf shirts, right? And pizza. Well, we all love pizza.


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