2014 Back To School Shirts Gift Guide for Kids

by |August 22, 2014
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2014 Back To School Shirts for Kids


Backpack: check! Crayons: check! Ruler: check! New clothes: we’re on it! Back to school shopping is already here, so we wanted to help you pick out the most amazing styles of shirts for your son or daughter. From Frozen to Mario, Despicable Me to Ninja Turtles, there’s something for every little kid, ranging from toddler to pre-teen.


And – if your child is a bit anxious about starting the new year – don’t forget Billy Madison’s encouraging song, which shows us that we all get a little nervous sometimes: “Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Ohh, back to school, back to school, back to school. Well, here goes nothing!”


Frozen T-Shirts

Frozen T-Shirts

Elsa Big Sister T-Shirt – Shop         I Am Olaf Hoodie – Shop

Do You Want To Build A Snowman T-Shirt – Shop         Anna Little Sister T-Shirt – Shop


Unless you’ve been living in the Valley of the Living Rock with the trolls, you know that Frozen is definitely, 100% still the biggest deal movie to ever have been created ever. So, with that in mind, yes, can say assuredly, your kid would love a new Frozen t-shirt or five for the upcoming school year.


More Frozen shirts here and more Disney t-shirts here.


My Little Pony T-Shirts

My Little Pony T-Shirts

My Little Pony Big Hearts T-Shirt – Shop         Rainbow Dash Hooded Sweatshirt – Shop

My Little Ponies Icons T-Shirts – Shop         My Little Pony Yellow T-Shirt – Shop

Pink My Little Pony T-Shirt – Shop


My Little Pony is loved by all ages – adult women who played with the toys as little girls, kids who love the Friendship is Magic series now, and the adults (and, uh, bronies) who also really, really love the Friendship is Magic era ponies. We do have grown-up sizes in MLP t-shirts, but all these are for the kids, guys! (Although, we do have our eye on that yellow vintage t-shirt up there. Cute!)


See all of our kid’s My Little Pony t-shirts here.


TMNT T-Shirts

TMNT Shirts for Kids

TMNT Costume T-Shirt – Shop         TMNT Pink Group Pizza T-Shirt – Shop

Ninja Turtles Hoodie – Shop         We’re Here for Pizza T-Shirt – Shop


Like My Little Ponies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is another franchise that has stood the test of time. Everyone has a favorite (our vote is for Donatello, because he does machines), so it’s not hard to pick out the exact t-shirt that your child may want.


All of our TMNT t-shirts are here.


Movie T-Shirts

Back to School Movies Shirts

How to Train Your Dragon 2 T-Shirt – Shop         Star Wars Droids T-Shirt – Shop

Everything is Awesome LEGO T-Shirt – Shop         Flash Costume Hoodie – Shop

Despicable Me Minion T-Shirt – Shop


There have been a ton of great movies out for kids this year – along with old classics that have stood the test of time. These tees are perfect for both sides: fans of new movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The LEGO Movie, and vintage t-shirt styles for older flicks like Star Wars.


Shop the rest of our movie shirts here.


TV Show T-Shirts

Kids TV T-Shirts

Bubble Guppies Mermaid Pals – Shop         Slugterra Burpy T-Shirt – Shop

Jake Never Land Pirates Long Sleeve – Shop         Adventure Time Finn and Jake Shirt – Shop

Slugterra Boon Doc T-Shirt – Shop


Is your kid more of a Finn and Jake fan or do they spend their time watching the little guys in Slugterra? Perhaps more into Bubble Guppies? In any case, you can find a shirt for whatever TV show your son or daughter is obsessed with right now.


Shop the rest of our TV t-shirts here.


Video Game T-Shirts

Video Game Shirts for Kids

Minecraft Pig Riding T-Shirt – Shop         Skylanders Group T-Shirt – Shop

Red Mario Shirt – Shop         Go Yoshi T-Shirt – Shop         Sonic T-Shirt – Shop


Mario never goes out of style, whether you’re a kid now or were a kid back in the 80s. The gaming landscape has changed over the years, but the fact that kids (ahem, of all ages) love playing video games has not budged once. Let your little one pick out their favorite character and you’ll have a happy kid come the first day of school.


See all of our video game shirts for kids here.


Cute Character T-Shirts

Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse T-Shirts

Purple Minnie Mouse T-Shirt – Shop         Mickey Mouse Costume T-Shirt – Shop

Hello Kitty Cute Meets Smart Shirt – Shop         Strawberry Shortcake Shirt – Shop

Olivia Red Stripes T-Shirt – Shop


Books and pop culture are filled with cute characters – did you really think we’d forget Hello Kitty as a back to school staple? Disney characters, cuties like Olivia the pig, and 80s favorites, are still in style for toddlers to tweens.


See all of our kids shirts here.

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