The $10,000 T-Shirt

by |May 13, 2011
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Rare concert t-shirts have always been fought for, but not for this much. A Led Zeppelin t-shirt recently sold on eBay on for $10,000. The precious tee was produced in 1979 and served as an unconventional backstage pass for a Zeppelin show at the Knebworth House.

Kyle Ermatinger, who sold the shirt on eBay, told reporters on Wednesday, "Given this shirt may be one of the only ones in existence, the price tag is completely justifiable. It's a rock relic, beyond rare. Admittedly, I still frequently pinch myself."

The best part? Ermatinger bought the shirt for a mere $123. That’s a $9,877 profit. It kind of makes you wonder what you have stashed in the back of your closet.

If you don’t have $10K to spend, you can find your own Led Zeppelin t-shirt here. It will be soft enough to have that cozy, been-washed-a-thousand-times-since-1977 feel, without the mothballs.


via Gibson and Metal Injection