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by |September 2, 2014
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Those of us that have spent countless hours watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory know that Sheldon Cooper is in fact a little different than most. With an IQ of 187, Sheldon has the ability to understand just about every concept known to man … with the exception of romantic relationships and sarcasm, among other social subtleties. Over the years, Sheldon has made feeble attempts to be more humorous, but is often the only one laughing at his jokes as he follows up with his infamous tagline – BAZINGA! Even though his comedic prowess (and interpersonal skills for that matter) has faltered, one thing we do know is that his obsession and taste in geeky tees has never wavered.


Sheldon from Big Bang Theory T-Shirts


During the past seven years, we have watched Sheldon sport quite an array of nerdy shirts, that have become increasingly popular with the show’s fan following.  So you love the shirts, but don’t know where to find the same style that Sheldon wears during the show? Look no further, we have some of Sheldon’s favorite shirts right here!


Man-Bot T-Shirt

Sheldon Cooper Robot T-Shirt

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Man-Bot T-Shirt – Shop


The Man-Bot t-shirt has proven to be one of Sheldon’s favorites throughout the seasons - he has worn it 17 times in the past seven years! He has the shirt in a plethora of colors including green, blue, and purple, but we still think he looks the best in green.


Classic Flash T-Shirt

Big Bang Theory Sheldon The Flash

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The Flash T-Shirt – Shop


Sheldon has numerous idiosyncracies including a nervous facial twitch when something disturbs him. Considering this peculiar trait of his, one would not expect him to love a character who defies the theories his very existence is based on: physics. However ironic, Sheldon couldn’t be more fond of his favorite Justice League character.  He has been seen wearing this particular Flash shirt in at least ten episodes, but we know there are many others just like it in his closet.


Green Arrow Shield T-Shirt

Green Arrow Shield T-Shirt

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Green Arrow T-Shirt – Shop


Green Arrow may not be a well recognized character to those who are unfamiliar with comic books, but Sheldon sure seems to be a fan of his. He has sported the logo of this master trick archer in no less than five episodes. Green Arrow never became a major hero in the comic books, but someone with Sheldon’s extensive collection certainly knows that after he paired up with Green Lantern his popularity only grew. 


Hawkman Symbol T-Shirt

Sheldon Hawkman Shirt

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Hawkman Symbol T-Shirt – Shop


Perhaps the reason Sheldon adores Hawkman so much is because they both are known to have an exceptionally short fuse. While Sheldon’s temper leads to internal meltdowns, Hawkman defends himself on a more physical level. This particular shirt was featured in six episodes -  Sheldon’s temper, on the other hand, was featured in quite a few more!


Distressed Flash T-Shirt

Sheldon Flash Shirt

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Distressed Flash Logo T-Shirt – Shop


The classic red design isn't the only Flash shirt in Sheldon's collection! This black version of the logo tee has also been worn in five episodes. Dr. Cooper doesn’t ecompass the complete persona of The Flash in this t-shirt quite like he does in the Halloween costume, but his mind still operates at a supersonic speed. Even though Sheldon may not be funny to his friends, his quick wit and complete insensitivity sure make him funny to us!


More More More!

Although these are just a few of Sheldon’s favorite tees, there are so many geeky t-shirts buried deep inside that wardrobe of his. Here are a few more shirts we have seen him wear over the years and, as luck would have it, we carry them all. Sheldon must have been shopping in our closet. BAZINGA!


Sheldon Cooper Nerdy T-Shirts

DC Star Sapphires Shirt – Shop         The Flash Athletic Shirt – Shop         Green Cross T-Shirt – Shop

Green Lantern Athletic Shirt – Shop       Council of Ladies T-Shirt – Shop       Wesley Crushers Shirt – Shop  


Sheldon Superhero T-Shirts

Batman Logo Shirt – Shop         Destroyer T-Shirt – Shop         Gradient Batman Logo T-Shirt – Shop

Crimson Comet Flash Shirt – Shop         Flashy Safari Shirt – Shop         Mow Em Down Shirt – Shop


Sheldon Cooper Star Wars Shirts

Broken Vader Helmet Shirt – Shop         Star Wars Bat Fighter Shirt – Shop         Damn 2.0 T-Shirt – Shop


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