T-Shirts.com welcomes the IWearYourShirt.com team - April Fool's!

by |March 31, 2011
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T-Shirts.com is proud to announce that we’ve acquired IWearYourShirt.com!


IWearYourShirt.com has grown exponentially since Jason Sadler first envisioned wearing a different shirt every day. Though the actual process of shirt-wearing will not change, we believe that the T-Shirts.com resources will allow for broader audience reach, therefore further company growth.

Full details of the acquisition will be made available on April 5th, so please check back with us then for more information on this exciting announcement!

Our entire staff wholeheartedly welcomes the IWearYourShirt.com crew to our team.

Update: As most of you know the acquisition of IWearYourShirt.com was an April Fool's joke. Thanks to everyone who participated. Again, we are NOT acquiring IWearYourShirt.com.