Vintage Football Shirts Gift Guide

by |November 17, 2014
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Vintage NFL T-Shirt Gift Guide


The love of football really brings the nation together. Tailgating, road trips to the stadium, making the most delicious food for at-home parties – a lot of fun stuff happens around football games. All types of people love to flip on the game and support their favorite team, so you can be pretty sure that picking out an awesome NFL shirt is a safe bet for your family and friends when Christmas shopping. All of our vintage NFL t-shirts are solid choices, so we put together a guide to help you find which one is the right choice for your specific gift giving needs.


Vintage NFL Tank Tops for Girls

NFL Fan Tank Tops

New England Patriots Tank – Shop         MN Vikings Tank – Shop

Chicago Bears Tank – Shop         New Orleans Saints – Shop         New York Giants – Shop


Perfect Gift For: Little sisters; girlfriends; college dorm roommates.

What To Do While Wearing this Shirt: Attend training camps during the summer; tailgate at the season opener; go to any outside game if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm, southern state.

What To Eat and Drink While Wearing this Shirt: Grilled food; BBQ; refreshing lemonade.


All Women’s NFL Tank Tops – Shop


Vintage NFL T-Shirts for Guys

NFL T-Shirts for Guys

NFL T-Shirt – Shop         Detroit Lions T-Shirt – Shop 

Sideline Stripe Miami Dolphins T-Shirt – Shop         Philadelphia Eagles T-Shirt – Shop

New England Patriots Tailgate T-Shirt – Shop


Perfect Gift For: Anyone who wants to sport some retro NFL logos on their chest! Siblings; parents; cousins: significant others; co-workers; the president.

What To Do While Wearing this Shirt: Kick back and relax; run errands on non-game days; toss around the football in your backyard.

What To Eat and Drink While Wearing this Shirt: Messy food like ribs, sloppy joes, and chili cheese dogs; classic burger and fries; a nice, cold, beer.


All NFL T-Shirts – Shop


Vintage NFL Baseball T-Shirts

Vintage Football Raglan Shirts

Women’s Baltimore Ravens Raglan – Shop         Denver Broncos Rookie Raglan – Shop

Women’s Green Bay Packers Raglan – Shop         Minnesota Vikings Rookie Raglan – Shop

Women’s NFL Logo Raglan T-Shirt – Shop


Perfect Gift For: Fashion forward friends; anyone into retro or vintage t-shirts; athletes themselves.

What To Do While Wearing this Shirt: Attend homecoming festivities; go thrift shopping and pick through vinyl with friends; go on a hike in the woods.

What To Eat and Drink While Wearing this Shirt: Venti soy latte; (spiked!) hot cocoa at a night game; grilled cheese and tomato soup.


All NFL Raglan T-Shirts – Shop


Vintage NFL Thermals and Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Long Sleeve Thermal Football Shirts

Women’s Colts Fleece Shirt – Shop         Carolina Panthers Henley – Shop

Women’s Seattle Seahawks Fleece Sweatshirt – Shop

Formation Fleece Patriots Shirt – Shop         Women’s Bengals Fleece Shirt – Shop


Perfect Gift For: That one friend who is always cold; someone who likes to exercise out in the fall weather; friends and family who want to layer their clothes for days at the chilly office.

What To Do While Wearing this Shirt: Cuddle up on the couch and watch the game; rake leaves; hang out at a bonfire, discuss fantasy football strategies.

What To Eat and Drink While Wearing this Shirt: Hot apple cider; a big ol’ bowl of popcorn on the couch; chicken wings at the big football party at your friend’s house.


All NFL Long Sleeve T-Shirts – Shop


Vintage NFL Hooded Sweatshirts

Football Sweatshirts

Women’s Sunday Eagles Hoodie – Shop         San Francisco 49ers Sunday Hoodie – Shop

Women’s Minnesota Vikings Hoodie – Shop         Detroit Lions Sunday Hoodie– Shop

Women’s New York Jets Hoodie – Shop


Perfect Gift For: Anyone! Everyone likes to be cozy in the cold weather, so this style is perfect for all of your friends and family members.

What To Do While Wearing this Shirt: Enjoy an outside NFL game (with a coat and mittens and hat, of course!); go on a walk to look at Christmas lights; play a game of powder puff football in the snow.

What To Eat and Drink While Wearing this Shirt: A bowl of chili from the Superbowl potluck you’re invited to; egg nog or peppermint mocha; Christmas cookies.


All Vintage NFL Hoodies – Shop


Which team is your favorite? What shirt would you like to see wrapped up under the tree this year? Let us know! To shop all of our NFL and football shirts, click here.

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