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Buying a t-shirt for the people on your gift list is a safe way to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want, personalized to perfection! Here are some ideas for your friends and family, from grown-ups to kids, to sports super-fans, to movie mega-geeks.


T-Shirt Gift Ideas for Guys


TV Movie and Video Game Shirts for Men

TV, Movie, and Video Game T-Shirts for Men

Legend of Zelda Link Hoodie – Shop         Game of Thrones Stark Hoodie – Shop  

Doctor Who Street Crossing Shirt – Shop         Breaking Bad Heisenberg Face Shirt – Shop

The Flash Logo T-Shirt – Shop


Some pop culture icons will be mainstays for years to come, like Doctor Who or Link from The Legend of Zelda. Others, like Walter White or the many, many, many cast members of Game of Thrones, are relatively new to the media lexicon, but are just as recognizable nonetheless. Buying a shirt featuring any of these shows, films, or games, is a great gift idea for the geek in your life.


Sports T-Shirts for Men

Sports Team T-Shirts for Men

Seattle Seahawks Raglan Shirt – Shop         Green Bay Packers Hoodie – Shop

NHL New York Rangers T-Shirt – Shop         San Francisco 49ers Henley T-Shirt – Shop

Philadelphia Eagles Kick Off Crew T-Shirt - Shop


If you have a man in your life who considers sports to be number one, well, you lucked out in terms of ease of shopping. Find out his favorite team (simple: just look at his Facebook on Sunday) and BAM, you're set. Can we say .... touchdown? (Ugh, too easy!)


Vintage T-Shirts for Men

Vintage T-Shirts for Men

Johnny Cash Flippin T-Shirt – Shop         Chevy USA T-Shirt – Shop

MASH 4077 Military Green Shirt – Shop         Star Wars Bat Fighter Tee – Shop

Iron Maiden The Trooper T-Shirt – Shop


Our vintage t-shirts fit many types of personalities that may populate your holiday shopping list. Classic rock fan? Got it. 70s sci-fi movie lover? So got it. Old car aficionado? GOT IT GOT IT GOT IT!


Funny T-Shirts for Men

Funny T-Shirts for Men

This Guy Loves Bacon T-Shirt – Shop         Jaws Dun-Nun T-Shirt – Shop

Wish You Were Beer T-Shirt -- Shop         Wookie Photo Bomb T- Shirt – Shop


Does your dad love puns? Do you have an uncle who always wants you to pull his finger or whatever other gross thing he thinks is funny at the dinner table? Then perhaps a t-shirt featuring a joke picture or a play-on-words would be a good choice. Wish You Were Beer. We get it, dad! We wish you were beer, too.


T-Shirt Gift Ideas for Women


TV Movie and Video Game Shirts for Women

TV, Movie, and Video Game T-Shirts for Women

Women’s Pikachu Hoodie – Shop         Game of Thrones Targaryen House Tee – Shop

Doctor Who TARDIS Sweater – Shop         Women’s Captain America Logo Shirt – Shop

Women’s Beemo Hoodie – Shop         Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Hoodie – Shop


Maybe you have a little sister who hasn't stopped playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire since it was released. Maybe you have a wife who just wants to watch one more episode of Big Bang Theory before bed, okay? Or maybe you have a mom who runs a super popular fansite for the Tenth Doctor in her free time. If any of these are true, you know what kind of t-shirt or hoodie to buy for this year's Christmas present.


Sports Team T-Shirts for Women

Sports T-Shirts for Women

Women’s NFL Logo Raglan – Shop         New England Patriots Fleece – Shop

Women’s Seattle Seahawks Tailgate T-Shirt – Shop         Green Bay Packers Raglan – Shop

Women’s Minnesota Vikings Hoodie – Shop


We've met our fair share of cut-throat sports fans in our day, and we have to admit - a lot of times, those, ahem, energetic devotees are of the female gender. A jersey-inspired t-shirt or cozy football team hoodie would look perfect all tied up in a bow underneath the Christmas tree.


Vintage T-Shirts for Women

Vintage T-Shirts for Women

Junk Food Batman Logo Shirt – Shop         Save the Trees Ewok T-Shirt – Shop

Women’s Rolling Stones Distressed Tongue Shirt – Shop         Save Ferris T-Shirt – Shop

Vintage Eagles Foil Rose T-Shirt – Shop


Buying vintage doesn't have to mean scouring the racks of a thrift store. You can look through our vintage-inspired t-shirts for a style that best fits the personality of who you're shopping for. Star Wars, superheroes, rock and roll ... there is a lot of variety to choose from.


Funny T-Shirts for Women

Funny T-Shirts for Women

Superman Super Mom T-Shirt – Shop         Women’s I Love Beards T-Shirt – Shop

 Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky Shirt – Shop         Mozzarelativity T-Shirt – Shop

It’s Not All Rainbow Sprinkles T-Shirt – Shop


If you buy someone a t-shirt with a talking donut and they don't 100% love it, we recommend you seriously reconsider your friendship with that person. Just kidding! But, really, who wouldn't love that tee? (If you can't already tell, we love it.)


T-shift gift ideas for little boys


TV Show T-Shirts for Boys

TV Show T-Shirts for Boys

TMNT We’re Here for Pizza T-Shirt – Shop         Power Rangers Mega Force T-Shirt – Shop

Kids Slugterra Tazerling Joules T-Shirt – Shop         Toddler Scooby Doo Face Shirt – Shop

LEGO Ninjago Cole Hoodie – Shop


It's hard to picture a little boy being excited about getting clothes for a present, but that LEGO Ninjago hoodie would defintely be a welcome sight on Christmas morning. Also, what boy would turn down a Ninja Turtles tee? As long as these TV t-shirts feature their favorite character, you'll be in the clear.


Movie T-Shirts for Boys

Movie T-Shirts for Boys

Despicable Me Minion Hoodie – Shop         Incredibles Hero Dad Cape Tee – Shop

LEGO Movie Face Group Shirt – Shop         Marvel We Have a Hulk Boys Shirt – Shop

Guardians of the Galaxy Group Boys T-Shirt – Shop


Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the biggest movies of the year and was totally a favorite of kids everywhere. (Grown-ups, too!) This means that picking out a Groot or Rocket Raccoon tee for the boys on your shopping list is a great choice.


Video Game T-Shirts for Boys

Video Game T-Shirts for Boys

Zelda Fight Night T-Shirt – Shop         LEGO Star Wars Full Force T-Shirt – Shop

Kids Minecraft Creeper Hoodie – Shop         Boys Super Mario Hoodie – Shop

Boys Luigi Costume Hoodie – Shop


Ok, how awesome would it be to get a Mario and Luigi hoodie set for a pair of brothers? Costume hooded sweatshirts are a great way for kids to show their personality and to represent their favorite characters. (That full zipped up Minecraft Creeper hoodie, though? Definitely lives up to the name.)


T-shirt gift ideas for little girls


Movie T-Shirts for Girls

Movie T-Shirts for Girls

Toddler Despicable Me Minion Tongue Shirt – Shop         Girls Tinkerbell Watercolor T-Shirt – Shop

Anna and Olaf Tween Girls T-Shirt – Shop         Frozen Elsa I’m the Big Sister T-Shirt – Shop


Let us remind you of a little movie named Frozen. Have you heard of it? Chances are, if you have a little girl in your life at all, you've heard of Frozen every single day on repeat for the past year straight. Yes, we know these are short sleeved t-shirts and it's pretty chilly out, but ... the cold never bothered us anyway.


TV Show T-Shirts for Girls

TV Show T-Shirts for Girls

Girls Bubble Guppies Mermaid T-Shirt – Shop        Girls Doc McStuffins Cuddle Expert Shirt – Shop

Girls Sofia Real Life Princess T-Shirt – Shop         Princess Sofia Best Princess Ever Tee – Shop

TMNT Pink Pizza T-Shirt – Shop


A great present idea would be to put together a package with a TV show themed t-shirt paired up with a DVD set of the show. Imagine opening up a Princess Sofia DVD and finding a matching t-shirt to wear while you watch it. So cute!


Toy T-Shirts for Girls

Toys and Character T-Shirts for Girls

Girls My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Hoodie – Shop          Girls Owl You Need T-Shirt – Shop

Big Sister T-Shirt – Shop         My Little Pony Hearts Rainbows T-Shirt - Shop

Girls Pink Minnie Mouse T-Shirt – Shop


The My Little Pony train is still going strong. For your daughter, grand-daughter, niece, or little sister, you could decide on a cute and simple t-shirt or go all out with a themed hoodie, complete with pegasus wings on the back and a horn on the hood.


T-shirt gift ideas for teens


T-Shirt Gift Ideas for Teens

T-Shirts for Teen Guys and Teen Girls

Women’s Classic Mickey Mouse T-Shirt – Shop        Sriracha Hot Sauce Logo T-Shirt – Shop

Women’s Adventure Time Marceline T-Shirt – Shop        Women’s Nirvana Smile Tissue T-Shirt – Shop

Classic Distressed Mickey T-Shirt – Shop        Junk Food Star Wars Steel T-Shirt – Shop


Shopping for a teenager might be one of the hardest tasks on the planet. One minute they love love love One Direction, the next minute they're knee-deep in Bob Dylan's discography, scoffing at the very idea of BritPop. Like, literally, this change can happen in a minute. Some classic tropes for teen fashion include vintage logos (like Mickey Mouse or Star Wars), trendy pop icons (like the Sriracha rooster), or current TV shows and movies. For that last one, though, make sure to consult their friends or parents to see if they'd actually want the gift. It's better to be safe than sorry!


Hoodies for Teens

Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Teen Guys and Teen Girls

Minnie Mouse Juniors Sleeveless Tunic Hoodie – Shop         Juniors TARDIS Sweater – Shop

Women’s I Am Pikachu Hoodie – Shop         Womens I Am Olaf Hoodie – Shop

Mens Chicago Bears Sunday Hoodie- Shop


A sweatshirt gift in the middle of winter. How novel! You can go the fashion route for your teenager with a cute tunic dress with an attached hood, or you can go the nerdy route with a sweater that depicts Pikachu, Olaf, or the TARDIS itself. Or, play it cool, and pick up a vintage-inspired NFL hoodie for the teen sports-fan on your list.


We hope this t-shirt gift guide helped you find inspiration for all the people on your holiday list this season! (AND, if you end up picking up a tee or two for yourself, we won't tell on you.) Be sure to check during December for awesome shopping sales and deals. Happy holidays!

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