What Do Your Funny Shirts Say About You? Part I: The Pop Culture Shirt

by |December 17, 2014
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Funny Pop Culture T-Shirts


What makes a shirt funny? We think there are lots of different types of funny shirts, so we've organized our tees into a few categories. In this edition, we'll start with with pop culture themed t-shirts, and we'll talk about what those shirts say about you, the people who wear them!


People have been wearing t-shirts in some variation since the 19th century, and for almost as long, many have used their shirts as a means of expressing a message or making a statement. For many, tees are also a way for you to show the world that you're "in" on pop culture references. The pop culture enthusiast will have the shirt with that one obscure line from the movie that everyone has seen. They'll have another with the logo of a famous tech or food or drink brand, and a multitude of others, featuring whatever happens to be popular this moment.


Nostalgic Pop Culture T-Shirts

Pop Culture Classics Funny Shirts

Kids Classic Superman Shirt - Shop       Womens I Love NY Shirt - Shop
Rolling Stones Lick Shirt - Shop


If you find yourself wearing nostalgic funny t-shirts, you love to remember the pop culture of days gone by. These shirts and logos have been around forever: the Superman S, The Rolling Stones Lick, I Heart NYC, Vote for Pedro. These are the classics peppering in your wardrobe.


Movie Pop Culture T-Shirts

Pop Culture Movies Funny Shirts

Anchorman You Stay Classy Shirt - Shop    Save Ferris Shirt - Shop
Goonies Quotes Shirt - Shop    Despicable Me 2 Minion Shirt - Shop


If you're a movie-buff, you love to wear pop culture tees include famous movie posters, lines, jokes, or gags from your favorite films. People who pass you at work, school, or on the street give you a laugh, a chuckle, or a nod. They recognize you as one who knows what IS cool.


Video Game Pop Culture T-Shirts

Video Game Pop Culture Shirts Funny

Nintendo Mario Red Shirt - Shop   Halo Spartan Armor Shirt - Shop
Sonic the Player Shirt - Shop


If you're a gamer, you'll find the heroes from your favorite games like Mario, Sonic, and Halo adorning your chest. For you, variety is the spice of video game life. You like so many parts of gaming pop culture, from retro and arcade games to new releases on PS4 and Xbox One, you want to stay loyal to all of them.


So what does a love of pop culture t-shirts really say about you?

  • You like to be hip, trendy, and fit in.
  • You want everyone to know that you know what is popular and cool at the moment.
  • The people who see you know that you're "with it."
  • You are truly a jack of all trades!


As pop culture touches many parts of our society - in movies, music, games, and books - so, too, does your wardrobe include a wide variety of references to your favorite parts of said society.  Whatever part of pop culture you embrace, you do so with class, irony, and a little humor.


What pop culture shirts do you wear? Should you find yourself the need to fill some gaps in your closet's inventory? Check our selection of pop culture shirts and funny shirts here!

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