What Do Your Funny Shirts Say About You? Part II: The Punny Shirt

by |December 22, 2014
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Punny T-Shirts


T-shirts provide an interesting opportunity for those with comedic flair and an affinity for language to show off their stuff. Shirts allow for both words and pictures to create a nearly endless canvas for language enthusiasts to make us laugh. The wearers of said shirts will probably be the English major. You know, that one person in your group who is quick to correct "your" vs "you're" and the triple threat of "there," "their," and "they're."


Punny shirts come in a ton of different varieties. Maybe you're more of the literal type, which your shirt reflects. If you have these shirts in your wardrobe, it's because you either have a masterful grasp of sarcasm ... or possibly none at all. You are someone who calls' em like you sees' em, with very little patience for those who can't keep up with your brand of humor. Almost all of your shirts require the viewer to read them out loud, you literally wear your jokes on your sleeve (or in this case, your chest).


Funny Pun T-Shirts

Funny Shirt Pun Shirt Sound Pun

Cinco de Mayo T-Shirt -- Shop        I Moustache Ask You For Beer T-Shirt -- Shop
How's Your Aspen? T-Shirt -- Shop


Some of you wordsmiths believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and that a picture with puns is worth a thousand and one. Wearing a punny shirt can help turn you into a walking, "what do you get when you cross an deer with a bear?" joke. (A beer, by the way). Should you wear one of these, you're the type who can see the patterns nobody else can. You've got an eye for those little invisible waves that connects all things. We could be mixing that up with Jedi, however.


Funny Graphic T-Shirts

Funny Shirts Pun Shirts Literal funny

Brown Beer T-Shirt -- Shop        Life's Not a Garden T-Shirt -- Shop
Duck Face T-Shirt -- Shop        Star Wars It's a Trap! T-Shirt -- Shop


Some of you punny people like your tongue-in-cheek puns. You know, the shirts you can't get away with at work. You giggle whenever you hear words like garden hoe, rooster, or donkey. (You know what we mean!)


Regardless of how you get your puns, there is something so satisfying about a little t-shirt wordplay. What funny pun shirts do you like? See more of our punny t-shirts here!

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