What Do Your Funny Shirts Say About You? Part III: The Classic Shirt

by |December 17, 2014
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Classic Humor T-Shirts


These classic logos are the shirts you think of when someone even mentions the word t-shirt. These are funny because they bring up memories of times gone by. That movie you saw, that concert you went to, those summer days spent cruising with your friends; the memories really come flooding back when you see these classic shirts. Some of these tees can be found in Part I of our series on funny shirts here, but for the ones we didn't cover in that post, we present: The Classic T-Shirt.


The College T-Shirt

College Animal House Classic T-Shirt

College Animal House Shirt -- Shop


If these shirts are found in your wardrobe, you are undoubtedly the life of the party, the bestower of nicknames, and you probably have serious issues with the people who bring guitars to parties. This particular shirt, made famous by John Belushi in the film Animal House, is one that just about everyone has some sort of familiarity with. In the iconic scene featuring this tee, Belushi downs a whole bottle of Jack Daniels, which, according to movie myth, was ACTUALLY filled with the real stuff. (We think it may have been iced tea.) Should you be one to don this sacred and timeless shirt, you have quite the party animal reputation to live up to.


The Rock 'n' Roll T-Shirt

rock and roll concert classic t shirts

The Beatles Abbey Road -- Shop        Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon -- Shop
AC/DC Classic T-Shirt -- Shop


Speaking of parties, nobody parties like rock stars, right? Rock and roll provides us with some of the world's most iconic tees. What makes these funny is their generational appeal. Wear a Rolling Stones, Beatles, or Pink Floyd shirt around your parents or grandparents and you might find yourself with some stories you'd never thought you would hear...and probably a few that you wish you haven't! Album covers, famous pictures, and scenes from your favorite concerts all adorn your chest. You connect with the past in the best ways and know in your heart that rock 'n' roll will never be what it used to.

The Counter Culture T-Shirt 

counter culture classic t shirts

Grateful Dead Roses T-Shirt -- Shop        Che Guevara T-Shirt -- Shop
Tie Dye Pastel Spiral T-Shirt - Shop        Bob Marley Face T-Shirt -- Shop 

Classic counter-culture tees round out our list today. These are the tees that once stood for something - a movement, a message - but now are mostly fashion statements that simpley say, "I'm a rebel." (We venture to guess that most of the people who put Che on their chest probably can't tell you where he comes from or what he stood for.) People call you hippie or hipster, and you're cool, calm, and collected. If you own these counter-culture shirts, you might have a problem with authority, but a real “it’s cool, man" attitude about it all. At the end of the day, you wish we would all just get along.

Recap: What do your classic tees say about you?

  • You're undoubtedly in touch with your elders; you know their music, their taste, and their films.
  • You may be a bit of a rebel, and you wish things were 'like they were,' rather than how they could be.
  • You've probably stood for something in your life, and have held some less-than-popular options.
  • Nostalgia is your friend.


So, what does a collection of classic t-shirts really say about you?

  • You're nostalgic for days gone by.
  • You probably have a rockin' taste in music.
  • You respect your elders -- and fear their stories.
  • Your mantra is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


What classic tees bring a smile to your face? What shirts do you think will be timeless classics in the future? Shop our classic and funny t-shirts here.

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