Droid Dance Party: The Best Star Wars Party Shirts

by |January 8, 2015
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Droid Dance Party Best Star Wars Shirts


What would you wear to a droid dance party? Star Wars Episode 7 will premiere in December 2015, so we have an entire year to plan. Even if the possibility of successfully getting invited to a droid dance party is approximately 3,720 to 1, let's suspend our disbelief for a moment and pick a party wardrobe! Take a fashion tip from C-3PO, R2-D2, and all the Star Wars droids, and let's get this dance party in gear!


    R2-D2, the Original Robot Rebel


    R2-D2 is always ready to party with his rave-worthy holograms, a 64GB MP3 player (in chrome, of course), and an endless collection of party tricks. "Artoo" may be a short circuit, but this robot droid is the life of any party. So keep calm and "bleep bloop bleep bleep."


    Are you going for a classic look? Channel 'robot chic' with a cool blue and white R2-D2 costume shirt. If the party gets crazy, you'll fit right in wearing a black 3D droid shirt. Going to a dance party/kegger? The B3-3R shirt will guarantee you'll have all the right moves AND the reigning keg stand record. If your next event is fancy-pants, I mustache you to purchase the appropriate attire: this Star Wars Fancy R2-D2 T-Shirt.  It's the Sarlacc's meow.


    R2D2 Star Wars Shirts 1

    Mens R2-D2 Costume T-Shirt - Shop        3D Artoo T-Shirt - Shop

    B3-3R T-Shirt - Shop        Star Wars Fancy R2-D2 T-Shirt - Shop


    Are you the shy type? Witness the power of a fully operational droid zip-up hoodie and never show your face! Red is definitely your color with the classic Star Wars R2-D2 OG top, and we mustn't forget the ladies with a totally twirlable R2 tube dress.


    R2D2 Star Wars Shirts 2

    R2-D2 Hoodie - Shop        Star Wars R2-D2 OG T-Shirt - Shop        Women's R2-D2 Tube Dress - Shop


    Speaking of the ladies, the R2-D2 options for a droid dance party wardrobe are almost limitless. A tank top will keep you cool on the dance floor (figuratively AND literally). Men and women alike can embrace their punk rock roots with Artoo's vintage Cyber Punk tee, and believe it or not, we've even got astonishing astromech leggings and skater dress options! No matter the event, Shirts.com has the perfect droid party clothes to put your night into hyperdrive.


    R2D2 Star Wars Shirts 3R2-D2 Star Wars Tank Top - Shop        R2-D2 Cyber Punk T-Shirt - Shop

    R2-D2 Leggings - Shop        Star Wars R2-D2 Skater Dress - Shop


    C-3PO is Solid Gold


    C-3PO may not know a power socket from a computer terminal, but the droidcan dress. Nothing says "I came to party" like being covered in gold bling from head to toe. Fearless on the dance floor (did you see his sweet moves on the forest moon of Endor?), C-3PO doesn't need any ice on his fringe to be the center of attention...unless he's hanging out on Hoth, of course. With a nickname like "Goldenrod," you know the record stops when this robot walks into the club.


    Pop some tags on this skater dress complete with exposed wiring for that sexy circuitry look, and Goldenrod goes vintage with a "Stay Golden" attitude. For the ultra-committed dancer, the full 3PO jumpsuit is the only choice, and it comes pre-programmed for etiquette and protocol! The ladies will be staying fresh in a tunic tank top made for the hippest droid this side of the galaxy.


    C3PO Star Wars Shirts

    C-3PO Skater Dress - Shop        C-3PO Stay Golden T-Shirt - Shop

    Star Wars C3PO Jumpsuit - Shop        Womens C-3PO Tunic Tank - Shop


    Counterparts : R2-D2 and C-3PO Bring the Bling


    Lastly, for those who can't decide which droid to emulate, double up on R2-D2 and C-3PO awesome with these excellent shirts!


    R2D2 C3PO Star Wars Shirts

    Womens R2-D2 and C-3PO T-Shirt - Shop        Womens R2 Tweet2 C3Peep T-Shirt - Shop
    Star Wars Counterparts Charcoal T-shirt - Shop        Star Wars Metal Rules Shirt - Shop


    If you can't find your favorite droid dance party clothing amongst these choices, then, sadly, we can't help you. We hope you'll figure something out for your next droid dance party, because, as C-3PO would say, you're "quite clever, you know... for a human being."


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