Hot T-Shirt Trends: Spring 2011

by |March 14, 2011
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With snow melting and warmer climates coming our way, T-Shirts have sprung back into action! Sleeves are rolling up and the most anticipated t-shirts are hitting the shelves with a new twist: celebrity tweets and a pre-worn feel. What has led to the evolution from the undershirt to the crop-tops and raglan tees wardrobe staples today? Besides conventionality, t-shirts are blank canvasses that allow us to show off and express some of our favorite things.

So what are our favorite things this spring? Here are a few of the most talked about tees trends for Spring 2011:

7. Military: Camouflage is back again! Military tees have come and gone, and they are back for another round. Pair one of our vintage military shirts with jeans or cargo pants for an updated look. Plus, army green is the perfect color to take you from winter straight into spring!
6. Stripes: Now it might sound far-fetched, but top trends in Paris and New York Fashion weeks will trickle down to t-shirts. And this season, stripes are bold and beautiful! Whether you want a nautical navy and white, or multi-colored statement tee—stripes will be a popular option this spring.

5. Plain and Simple: The plain white tee is back! Only this time it is back and ready for a night out! Celebrities from Kate Bosworth to first lady Michelle Obama have been pairing their plain whites with more formal skirts. So time to raid your man’s drawers (or if you are a male, lose that button-up) and rock the new classy undershirt!

4. 70’s: That’s right, the high-waist wide leg pants will need to have a 70’s inspired tee tucked into them to complete the look! Grab a vintage t-shirt and throw it over a bikini or pair it with oversized sunglasses.

3. Tweetees: Who can forget Charlie Sheen’s most recent tweet, “I Invented Tulsa”? Well you won’t have to now that he may be coming out with his own t-shirt line! Everyone --celebrities included --are taking advantage of recent twitter posts and Hollywood gossip and honing in on the t-shirt industry. We love our funny t-shirts and know that if something makes you laugh, wear it!

2. Crazy for Coral: Coral is the new black this season, and what better way to ring in spring than with this bright reddish hue. From lips, to shoes, to tees… coral clothing is making a big appearance.


and last but not least... 

1. Comfort is Key: The softer the tee—the better! Of course, the more comfortable our clothes are, the more likely we are to wear them. It’s great that soft, cozy, worn-in tees are actually in style. But don’t grab one out of the hamper and expect to impress—make sure to take a look at our fabric softness meter and sport a new tee that doesn’t look worn-out. Sloppy is never in style.

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