What Do Your Funny Shirts Say About You? Part V: The Obsessive Fan

by |February 13, 2015
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The Super Fan T-Shirts


You are the superfan. You have an obsession. You've seen your favorite movie more times than would ever be considered healthy. People know not to call you when your show is on. The new book in your favorite series? Yeah, you've read it. 40 times. Including the hardcover, paperback edition, and audio book.


As a superfan, you tout your superfan-dom by emblazoning your chest with the various imagery, taglines, and emblems from your favorite movie, TV show, or book. You don't just own one shirt from each franchise; you probably have enough shirts to don your Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or Star Wars gear every day of the week if you really want to! (And you do want to.) Here we will outline the various types of shirts in each different fandom: The famous quote shirt, the character shirt, and the symbolic art shirt. You're a collector, and you don't feel complete unless you've got a full set.


The Quote Shirts

Super Fan Quote Shirts

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The Quote shirt is usually a phrase said by the hero, the villain, or your favorite peripheral character. Regardless of who the words come from, they are those that really speak to you. You appreciate the importance of weighty words and how a well-placed quote during a montage, climatic moment, or just before a commercial break can really send goosebumps down your spine. You're the type who gave the pep talk before the big game, and you probably always enjoyed reading Shakespearean monologues. You are the type who believes the pen is mightier than the sword.


The Character Shirts

Super Fan Shirts Character Shirts

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These shirts put your favorite actors and actresses, heroes and heroines, and sometimes even the villains, on your chest. Your superfandom stretches further than just the lore, but to the very characters themselves. You know more than just what was in the book. You can tell us all the fan theories on who Anakin Skywalker's father could have been, or if Snape is REALLY good or REALLY evil. You know ALL the characters -even the minor ones - their histories, and their relationships. You know how to read people, you are a great listener, and a master of research - skills all gleaned from reading about your favorite characters and diving into their mythos.


The Art Shirts

Super Fan Art Shirts

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The Deathly Hallows, the Triforce, and the Mockingjay - these symbols have deep meaning for you. You appreciate the incredible symbolism, art, and visuals that come with fictional world-building. You're the type of person that has the Deathly Hallows tattooed on your arm, doodled in your notebooks, and as a sticker on the rear window of your car. You have a love for these symbols, the stories behind them, and the "secret club" formed when you fid someone that shares the knowledge of your symbol. You have an uncanny attention to detail, a love for beautiful landscapes and art, and a deep appreciation for art with meaning. You find hidden or deeper meaning in visual media that others may not; you have a knack for looking below the surface.


Let's recap what it means to be a super fan:

  • You have a deep appreciation for the art and visuals associated with your fandom.
  • You can't name more than a few presidents, but you can name every character in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or whatever fandom you choose...along with their relationships, hometowns, backgrounds, and favorite colors.
  • You could give a dramatic rendition of every line spoken in your favorite films. Your friends often tell you to shut it while watching TV, playing video games, or watching movies.


And what does all that say about you?

  • You've got a memory like a steel trap, but only for things that you care about.
  • You're artistically inclined, with an appreciation for the hidden meanings in visual media.
  • You're good with history-related matters, thanks to countless hours mulling over your favorite characters in your fandom and arguing over which character would beat who in a fight.
  • You exemplify the meaning of the word "loyalty."


What fandom are you a part of? Have you ever been referred to as fanboy, fangirl, or otaku? Do you have an impressive collection of apparel from your favorite universe? If you need more, see the rest of our nerdy, funny t-shirts here!
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