The Hangover Part II: Galifianakis Sets Trend

by |March 2, 2011
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It’s official—The Wolfpack is back in action for The Hangover Part II.  After their first romp in Las Vegas, the gang is back and taking over... Thailand?  Director Todd Phillips takes the cast abroad to film another bachelor party full of drunken shenanigans and morning-after adventures.

Alan (Zack Galifianakis), Phil (Bradley Cooper), and Stu (Ed Helms) are taking over the big screen once again for Stu’s wedding. After hitting sin city, Stu and the three amigos thought they were headed for a relaxing weekend away and never would have thought they’d be up for round two. Besides anticipated side splitting laughter, cameos from Liam Neeson, Paul Giamatti and former President Bill Clinton can be expected.
So what gives the Wolfpack that special vibe that we can all relate to and love? Phil and Stu captured our hearts as the debonair school teacher and nerdy dentist, but it is the awkward Alan who is the true Hangover hook. Galifianakis is back as Alan, and is a fashion faux pas all over again... or is he?

If you look closely at Galifianakis’ t-shirt (above) you can see the profile of a golden retriever on his yellow t-shirt . He may be on to something by choosing comfort over trend. Celebrities are sporting t-shirts on and off the set.

Bret McKenzie from the HBO series, Flight of the ConChords, has sported neon animal screen-prints on multiple episodes.

Other celebs such as Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Micheal Cerra, and James Franco have been spotted rockin’ t-shirts and jeans. But it’s not just the fellas who are trading in their suit jackets and ties, the ladies are dressing up their tees too!

Katy Perry posed for the camera in her torn up tee.

From sporting a Baby Bjorn, man purse or orange tinted aviators, Galifianakis always looks the part. The t-shirt craze has struck and it the trend could be here to stay. Is Alan’s signature sloppy style the next big thing?



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