How To Throw a Super Bowl Party

by |January 28, 2015
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Super Bowl Party How To

It’s that time of year again where over 100 million viewers tune in to watch the infamous commercials Super Bowl. On Sunday, many of us will watch the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks go head-to-head to take home yet another Super Bowl ring. Will the Seahawks claim victory for the second year in a row or will the Patriots get to take home their fourth NFL championship title? 


While some of you are die-hard football fans, others are busy saying “pass the snacks.”  No matter if you are into the game, the food (COCKTAIL WEENIES), the half-time show (Katy Perry this year!), or the commercials, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to throw a party and we've got some ideas to spice up your soiree!

What to Wear


First things first! What are you going to wear? Are you a Seahawks fan, a Pats fan, or are you still coming to terms with the fact that your team may never take home a championship in your lifetime (ahem…Vikings). Whichever team you support, football shirts are a must-have for any Super Bowl party. Even if your team didn't quite make it beyond the playoffs, anything goes, so don't worry!


Seahawks Shirts vs. Patriots Shirts

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NFL T-Shirts for Men

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NFL T-Shirts for Women

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What to Eat


Now that you’ve got the gear, it's finally time to BRING ON THE SNACKS.  A few of our favorite game day food creations are below.  We can hardly wait to devour all this deliciousness!


Football Party Snacks for the Super Bowl

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What to Play


Friends, family, food and football, what more could you want (besides a little less alliteration)?  How about a game to liven up the party?  Try out this Super Bowl BINGO idea to entertain your guests during the game and the commercials. Don’t forget to offer a prize to the winner!


Super Bowl Bingo

Do you have any other fun party ideas? An inkling about which team will claim Super Bowl victory? Let us know in the comments! If you are ready to get your game on, make sure to explore our entire selection of NFL gear HERE

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