Better Call Saul, or...? The 7 Best Lawyers in Pop Culture

by |February 6, 2015
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Let's say you had a...situation. One that perhaps involved a blue crystalline substance. Or maybe a bank heist. Oooor maybe you just were at the wrong place at the wrong time. (Or so you say.) Regardless, let's say that this situation needed "fixing" and required the particular skills of an attorney with a certain moral "flexibility."

AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff show, Better Call Saul, premieres on Sunday, February 8. The new prequel stars Bob Odenkirk who is reprising his role as attorney Saul Goodman before he met the infamously dangerous Walter White. We were so excited about the show's premiere that we were inspired to brainstorm our ideal fictional attorneys if we were to find ourselves in a less than legal situation. The results were... unsettling, to say the least!


1. Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, from My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny

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Sure, he's never won an actual legal case, or even tried a case for that matter. And granted, he's been studying for the bar... for six years. But there isn't a lawyer out there with the skills of smooth talking Italian American New Yorker, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini. We're going to let his Liberace-style suit slide and let him work his magic in the court room, just as soon as we've cleared up whether "two yutes" really translates to "two youths." 


2. John Milton, from The Devil's Advocate

The Devil's Advocate John Milton

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Who would make the perfect attorney? John Milton, the depraved, omniscient partner at Milton, Chadwick, & Waters law firm. Not only is he the king of lies and deception, but he also has a full complement of demons on his supporting legal team. Ok, he's the Devil. Like, literally. We may be breaking a few serious rules by trusting him, but we're sure to get off scot-free in this life with the devil as our attorney.  


3. Matthew Murdock, from Daredevil


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They say justice is blind, and in the case of Matthew Murdock, they would be correct. One of the most accomplished lawyers in the Marvel Universe, Matt Murdock is a true advocate for truth and justice -- a real defender of the innocent and foe of the guilty. And if Murdock doesn’t get his man in the courtroom, be prepared to get a little more physical form of justice when he visits you as his superhero alter-ego, Daredevil.


4. Jack McCoy, from Law and Order

Law and Order McCoy

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It has been said that the law is absolute, but whoever said that obviously hasn’t spoken to John “Jack” McCoy, District Attorney for the County of New York of Law and Order fame. McCoy is famous for less than by-the-book methods of getting his perp, like rusheing warrants and badgering during cross-examinations... and he’s supposed to be the good guy! McCoy is also known for his quote, “Justice is a byproduct of winning.” The proof is in the pudding, as the character has appeared in over 15 seasons of Law and Order.


5. Fletcher Reede, from Liar Liar

Fletcher Reede from Liar Liar

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Are ethics really necessary in the courtroom? Fletcher Reede doesn’t think so. He’s the type of lawyer whose success is predicated on his ability to lie and he’s about to make partner because of it. When Reede is forced to tell the truth, his courtroom charades somehow win the case, even though it meant smashing his own face under a public toilet seat a few times. Busted face or not, Fletcher Reede is a “liar” we want on our side. 


6. Atticus Finch, from To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch

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In the world of crooked lawyers who bend rules (and the truth) to get what they want, Atticus Finch shines through as an attorney who truly values justice and fairness. Finch has been cited as an influence on many real-world lawyers and judges, even though he was just a fictional character in a book from 1960. With the news of Harper Lee planning to publish a second novel featuring Atticus and his daughter Scout, we’re excited to see what advice we’ll find between the pages from the Finch family.


7. Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde

Elle Woods Legally Blonde

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“What, like it’s hard?” Dressed in a wardrobe of pink, Harvard Law student Elle Woods broke through about a billion stereotypes as she worked her way through law school. Overcoming adversity (while looking on point, oh, the ENTIRE time), Miss Woods taught us not to judge any book by its cover, and that even a sorority girl can command a courtroom. (AND, we also learned “bend and snap!”)


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So, back to that certain situation... who would you pick? Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? Satan in The Devil's Advocate? When you're done conjuring up your ideal get-out-of-jail-free lawyer, check out our Better Call Saul shirt here and the rest of our Breaking Bad shirts here. Let us know in the comments, too, who YOU would pick to be your attorney-of-choice in a time of need!

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