Super Bowl Trivia: The League's Best Teams

by |February 3, 2015
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Super Bowl Facts


The 2014 football season has officially come to a close, leaving New England victorious over the Seahawks in the closest Super Bowl game in years. As the limelight of XLIX begins to fade, football lovers are already thinking ahead to next year’s match-up, and experts already predict that we may see the Pats and Hawks face off once again! Over the past 49 years of Super Bowl history, we have seen a few teams more than others, but one more Patriots appearance would help Brady and his team tie or even shatter a few of the all-time records. What other teams have a solid chance of making a Super Bowl appearance? We've compiled some Super Bowl trivia to help you weigh the odds (and determine which team's tees you should hand on to!)


Most Super Bowl Appearances

The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Dallas Cowboys, have all appeared in the big game a total of eight times. While the number of times they have each claimed victory vaires, odds are if you're sporting a shirt from one of these teams three teams, you’ll get to wear it to the Super Bowl again!


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Most Super Bowl Wins

Three teams vie for the most appearances, but only one of them holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins. The Steelers have taken home the Lombardi trophy a total of six times and we are likely to see much more of them. 


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Most All-Time Super Bowl Points Scored

In the Dallas Cowboys’ eight Super Bowl games, they have managed to score a total of 221 points. Just shy of that record are the San Francisco 49ers with a total of 219 points in two less appearances - impressive! With an average of 36.5 points per game, it’s no wonder the red and gold have claimed the title during five of those match-ups!


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Only Undefeated Season

Over the course of the past 49 years, many teams have made it to the playoffs undefeated in their regular seasons, and a few of these teams have entered the Super Bowl game without a loss. There has, however, only been one team to ever remain victorious for an entire season start to Super Bowl finish. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team to make it through an entire season without a loss. Even though it has been two decades since they have made a Super Bowl appearance, it was worth noting!


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Any predictions of your own for next year’s Super Bowl match-up? Might any of the teams we haven’t seen in a while going to make a comeback? Let us know it the comments! Make sure to check out all of our football shirts here as we get ready for the 2015 season – 219 days and counting!


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