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Beatles T-Shirt By Album


The Beatles are one of the most famous bands in the history of music, so it’s pretty easy to understand why you can find basically an infinite number of t-shirt styles depicting the Fab Four. Buuuuut, how do you pick the best tee for your wardrobe? It’s hard, we know. Do you want a psychedelic style? A mod look? Classic and simple, or something that will grab everyone’s attention? We have divided up all of our Beatles t-shirts by album to help narrow down your choices. (We also included some info about the records, as well as a Ringo fact for each. Because, Ringo needs some attention.) So, type “Beatles” into your Spotify, choose your favorite album, and let’s go.


A Hard Day's Night (1964)


Beatles T-Shirts Hard Days Night

Navy Hard Day’s Night Album Cover Shirt – Shop        Grey Hard Day’s Night T-Shirt – Shop


STANDOUT TRACKS: “Can’t Buy Me Love”; “A Hard Day’s Night”.

TRIVIA: This was the only Beatles album that exclusively included songs just written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

RINGO FACT: Ringo didn’t sing lead on a single song.


Help! (1965) & Rubber Soul (1965)


Beatles Band T-Shirts Help

The Beatles HELP T-Shirt – Shop        The Beatles Rubber Soul T-Shirt – Shop


STANDOUT TRACKS: Help!: “Ticket to Ride”; “Help!” – Rubber Soul: “Norwegian Wood”; “In My Life”.

TRIVIA: On the cover of Help!, the Beatles are not actually spelling out the word HELP with flag arm positions. They’re spelling NVUJ.

RINGO FACT: In the song “I’m Looking Through You,” Ringo tapped on a matchbook as a percussion instrument during the recording.


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)


Sgt Pepper T-Shirts

Sgt. Pepper Costume T-Shirt – Shop        Black Beatles Sgt. Pepper T-Shirt – Shop

Women’s Paisley Sublimation Beatles T-Shirt – Shop


STANDOUT TRACKS: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”; “With a Little Help from My Friends”; “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

TRIVIA: Three people that are not pictured on the famous cover? Hitler, Jesus, and Elvis. McCartney said that Elvis was too important to include.

RINGO FACT: In “With a Little Help from My Friends,” Ringo was unsure that he’d be able to hit the final, high note of the song, until the rest of the band talked him into it. He just needed help from his friends!


Yellow Submarine (1969)


Yellow Submarine Beatles Band T-Shirts

Beatles All You Need Is Love Tank Top – Shop        Grey Yellow Submarine Beatles T-Shirt – Shop

Men’s The Beatles Yellow Submarine T-Shirt – Shop


STANDOUT TRACKS: “Yellow Submarine”; “All Together Now”; “All You Need Is Love”.

TRIVIA: “Yellow Submarine” never actually made it to the number one spot on the charts in the US, which was rare for a Beatles album. However, it was second only to The White Album, which was released a few months prior.

RINGO FACT: The title song original had a spoken introduction by Ringo, who recorded the vocals, but the idea was scrapped. Poor Ringo.


Abbey Road (1969)

Abbey Road Beatles Shirts

Beatles Classy T-Shirt – Shop        Tie-Dye Beatles Abbey Road T-Shirt – Shop

Women’s Beatles Abbey Road T-Shirt – Shop        Black Beatles Abbey Road T-Shirt – Shop


STANDOUT TRACKS: “Come Together”; “Octopus’s Garden”; “Here Comes the Sun”.

TRIVIA: Abbey Road is the Beatles best-selling album, but John Lennon did not care for it, calling tracks like “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” granny music.

RINGO FACT: The song “The End” features the only drum solo that Starr ever recorded for a Beatles release.


Classic Beatles T-Shirts


Some days, you just can’t decide on which era you wanna rep with a music shirt. For those days, a nice, classic band t-shirt comes in handy. Here are some of our favorites featuring the Beatles' logo.


Classic Beatles T-Shirts

The Beatles Classic Logo Zip Up – Shop        Women’s Light Blue Beatles Logo Shirt – Shop

Black Beatles Logo Tee – Shop      The Beatles Heart Top – Shop      John Paul George & Ringo Shirt – Shop


Which is your favorite Beatles record? We like them all, but are partial to the Lady Madonna single. Can't quite put a finger on why! Let us know in the comments which is your pick! For all of our Beatles t-shirts shop here, and you can see our entire selection of band shirts here.

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