6 Outfits to Wear This St. Patrick's Day

by |March 9, 2015
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St. Patrick's Day Outfits


Obviously, a green garment is absolutely clutch when it comes to getting dressed on St. Patrick's Day, but ... what else do you wear? What you have planned on the holiday makes all the difference, BUT the inclusion of green will never change! Here are six outfit inspirations to help you decide how to style your St. Patrick's Day t-shirt this year, whether you're going to the office, a parade, a date, or downtown.


1. What To Wear To Go Shopping


St. Patrick's Day Outfit Out Shopping

Women’s Paddy’s Irish Pub T-Shirt – Shop


Maybe you don't have huge plans for St. Patrick's Day. It's a Tuesday night, after all. But, you still want to avoid that oh-so-cliché pinch that everyone loves to joke about. Pair a green t-shirt with some comfy jeans and a cardigan, and throw together some matching accessories. Mint counts as green. We decree it starting now. Also, pick up a Shamrock Shake for the stroll between shops. That counts as a green accessory, too.


2. What To Wear To A Concert


St. Patrick's Day Concert Outfit

Women’s Kiss For Luck T-Shirt – Shop


A St. Patrick's Day concert?! How exciting! If you're headed to a venue to see a band play, here's an idea on how to add some edge to your outfit. (PLEASE tell us if you're going to see Dropkick Murphys. That's a St. Paddy's Day dream.) A pleated, high-waisted skater skirt with a vintage t-shirt tucked in always looks cute, especially when you tie a flannel around your waist. March is chilly, so grab a scarf and leather jacket, too. Optional: killer red lipstick.


3. What To Wear To Work


What To Wear To Work On St. Patrick's Day

Women’s Pima Cotton T-Shirt in Emerald - Shop


When we say "you have to wear green on St. Paddy's Day," we don't necessarily mean super, neon, bright, kelly green. A nice, dark emerald works just fine. If you want to show off your holiday spirit, but still look professional at the same time, this high-quality cotton blank t-shirt does the trick. Match it with a light pink blazer, tailored pants, and a super-cute iPad cover, and your outfit is set. (Coffee, too, please. Daylight saving time in the spring is a killer.)


4. What To Wear To The Bar


What To Wear to the Bar on St. Patty's Day

Women’s Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky T-Shirt – Shop


Okay, the rules for dressing to go downtown change drastically on St. Patrick's Day. Lucky you, on this night you can afford to be a little flashier and a little sillier than usual. This is the perfect time to break out your "Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" t-shirt. Also, have some green beads left over from Mardi Gras? Relevant again! Cheers!


5. What To Wear On A Date


Dating on St. Patrick's Day

Everyone Loves an Irish Girl – Shop


This outfit is another example on how to dress up a t-shirt for a little more formal situation. This light green shirt works perfectly with a floral skater skirt and the off-white cardigan adds another layer of femininity. Light mint-colored accessories add to the fun spirit of a St. Patrick's Day outfit without looking costume-y. Don't forget the mint eos lip balm, too. You know. Just in case. *mwah!*


6. What To Wear To A Parade


St. Patrick's Day Parade Outfit Ideas

Gimme a Kiss Kelly Green T-Shirt – Shop


Alright. You're going to walk in a St. Patrick's Day parade? This is where you bust out all the stops. A double layer of green and black tutus. CHECK. Matching glitter leprechaun hat and shoes. CHECK. CHECK. Shamrock sunglasses, body glitter, and a bright green feather boa. CHECK times three. Great news, too! This is a perfect opportunity to wear a fanny pack! And we know you're always looking for a chance to wear that thing. Loud and proud, friends. Fill it with gold coins or Lucky Charms cereal. Or your phone and wallet, whatever.


St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts

Men’s Lucky Leprechaun Costume T-Shirt – Shop      St. Catty’s Day T-Shirt – Shop

Everyone Is Irish On St. Patrick’s Day – Shop     Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tee – Shop     iRish 7 T-Shirt – Shop


All St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts – Shop


Hopefully these outfits have given you some ideas as to what you'd like to wear this March 17th. Here are a few more St. Patrick's Day t-shirt styles for inspiration. Show us in the comments what you decide on wearing! We'd love to see.

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